Thursday, May 11, 2017

Race Info May 13-14 2017

Other race info:
NO Random camping (room in Group Camp)
No riding on highway. Access bridge and staging area available via East Waiparous Campground
Registration in Staging Area
No Alcohol in Staging Area
No racing/ripping up staging area
Wardens have been assigned to this event. Please act respectfully. Be prepared to show registration/insurance.

Have fun!

Tentative Schedule

Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunday, May 7 2017 Second Gear Club’s Rider Development Clinic

Second Gear Club’s Rider Development Clinic

Sunday May 7th, 2017   10 am – 4 pm

The student ages range from 6 to 14 years old.  Bikes will be limited. Let your kids learn from the pros, we’ll have lots of CMRC and CMA racers on site providing their expert instruction.  Kids all ages must have parent/guardian stay onsite all day.

Second Gear Club’s Rider Development Clinic will teach basic safety and motorcycle techniques. Students will experience hands-on training, verbal coaching and riding demonstrations on how to operate a dirt bike then perform exercises in a controlled environment. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that maximum attention is given to each rider on and off the course.

Register now, space is limited!  Go here to Register

Class Time:   10 am – 4 pm  

Sign In – 9 am

Riders Meeting – 10 am (participants geared up and bikes ready!)

Topics covered include going over safety procedures, explaining the order of the day, assigning groups, as well as introducing the coaching staff!

All times are estimates and are given as a guide; achieving lesson objectives may require more or less time depending on class and riders skill level.

Class Overview:

Controls, Moving the motorcycle (clutch, starting, stopping), Riding Posture, Shifting, Lower Body Control, Turning, Line Selection, Hills, Logs & Basic Bike Maintenance.  Parents/guardians will be involved in their children’s coaching process, come learn with them and most importantly…have fun!

What do I need to bring?

We realize that there are many kids starting out don’t have a full set of riding equipment just yet. We do not recommend riding without a full set of riding gear. However, at a minimum participants will be required to have a good quality helmet, goggles, knee pads, a pair of boots with stiff ankle support and of course a bike!

It is highly recommended that riders invest in quality safety gear such as a helmet, boots, chest protector, neck collar/brace, goggles, and proper jersey/pants/gloves.

Hotdogs, burgers and drinks will be provided at lunch.  Don’t forget to pack your, lawn chairs, snacks, drink & gas.

How much does it cost?

While you don’t have to be a SGC member to attend, it has its benefits!   Registration is $40 per participant with a valid SGMC membership.  The great part is that we’ve kept the cost low and have tried really hard to make family participation as inexpensive as possible.  With an annual family membership, you can attend all our great events and races!  These will be available the day of the clinic.

Where is it?

GPS: 51.675314, -114.1164044
31361 RR15 Didsbury - Private Land Owner


Take the Didsbury overpass west.  Go through the 4 way stop.  Go down big hill and turn right at the big church.  

Take first right onto RR15.  Go north for 1.3 km we are the second acreage on the right.  
Number sign at road is 31361

 How do I Register?

Pre-Registration is FREE, please let us know you are planning to attend, space is limited!  Paying online is OPTIONAL.   We accept cash and cheque onsite.   E-transfers welcomed prior to event.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

updated SGC Hare Scramble schedule 2017

Updated CMA Hare Scramble Schedule 2017


Apr 29-30, 2017 - CANCELLED
May 13-14, 2017 - Ghost HS, Whispering Pines (SGC)
Jul 15-16, 2017 - National HS, Fallen Timber (GRC)
Aug 5-6 - Moose Mountain HS, Fallen Timber (SGC)
Aug 19-20 - Coulee Springs HS, Strathmore (GRC)
Sep 2-3 - National HS, Wildhorse, Yaha Tinda (SGC) (Event Calendar)

Second Gear Club Hare Scramble Club Series
sponsored by: BOW RIDGE SPORTS

April 1st is the opening of camping reservation.

Please be sure to reserve your spot for May 12-14 Waiparous Creek East or West Campground and Aug 5-6 Fallen Timber Campground

Monday, January 30, 2017

2017 Jan 29 CMA Oval Ice Results

2017 CMA Alberta Provincial Oval Ice Championship

Go to RESULTS page and click on 2017 Jan 29 results and manual results (heat details).  Overalls have not yet been tallied.

Sunday, Feb 5th Oval Ice race is a GO!  Look forward to seeing you all back for Round #3 at Mulhurst Bay on Pigeon Lake.

Check out our Facebook page for photos of last weekends race.  Blue skies and no wind made for a fabulous day of racing.  Temperature of -5 degrees maintained perfect ice conditions.

ATV Nonstudded 2WD presented a full starting gate making for 'on the edge of your seat racing'.  The skill of finding that sweet spot of just enough power without throwing yourself into a spin is truly a delicate situation and some may argue its an art.  This is a seriously competitive class but there must be some moments when they break out giggling, at least I know I would be.  This may very well be the most fun class of the day.  Don't miss out on this class next weekend.  Watch out for #904 Jon Yarwood, this guy knows how to get through traffic, and when you have so little traction, it is impressive.  Kent Brooks (1st) and Bradley Brooks (2nd) of Wetaskiwin had the edge this weekend holding off Yarwood who had to settle for third place.

ATV Studded classes are always exciting.  Great to have a couple of the Lac La Biche boys racing with us this weekend.  Congrats for new racers Roger Pequin for taking home the win in Novice and Jay Blake in Intermediate. The ATV Expert class has Kyle Tisdale and Coleman Maddox heading into round three tied with points.  These two racers just don't back off, ever! Incredible how close they race every heat! 

ATV Nonstudded Ladies were showing their competitive spirits with great passes and close racing.  Way to go Ladies!

Youth motorcycle racer, Christine, took a tumble into corner four, but that didn't seem to phase her as she bounced up and was determined to make it to the finish line.  This girl knows how to crank the throttle on her Honda 150R!

UTV racers lined up to pick their starting gate position.  With 10 UTV's in the studded class, there were a couple lines at the gate.  #26 Chris Bloxham, Open Studded class, had a successful day on the top box while #23 Ray Curry took home the bragging rights in the UTV non studded classes.

In the Expert and 4 stroke classes, racers pushed their limits for the #1 spot.  There were definitely a few thrills and spills.  In particular with #777 Travis Reed and #29 Carter Lowry sliding out in corner one on lap 2 or 3.  It's intense when a rider falls on the course and it is with great respect and quick thinking to choose the safest exit plan even if that means tossing yourself and bike into the snow drift.  There was definitely some air time for Travis!  Regardless, these two jumped up, dug out their bikes and still managed to make it to the finish line completing the necessary 4 out of the 6 laps order to acquire points.   IMPRESSIVE! 

Great to see the younger riders working their way to the front of the pack even though they've only had one race under their belt!  Luke, Clayton and Kurt do not seem at all intimidated and are picking up speed.  I believe each one of them hit the podium in all of their Novice and Intermediate level classes.  Note that these fellows are too young to drive....a car, but they sure have two-wheels figured out!

The Veteran class is extremely tight racing with the majority of the pack leaning into each corner side by side for the entire duration of the heat.  How do they do that?!!!!  This group of intermediate and expert level riders are aggressive, which is necessary with bar-to-bar racing.  Backing off is not an option when you're dragging the foot pegs through the corners.  Round two had Craig Andrew of Eckville shining.  Althought he did not always having the best starts, he was on fire moving his way through the pack.  Good job Craig.  There is a lot of experience in this class.  Shane Lowry always ups the bar for the other riders after, I'm guessing, a tenure of 20 years ice racing. However, the other riders take the bait with Yvo Schmucki and Shane closely battling in round one. Round two had Darrell Brosinsky leading the pack.

Don't miss out on Bourbon BBQ's delicious burgers, pull pork sandwiches and more.  Thanks to Brian and Bourbon BBQ Hot concession for keeping the crew and spectators fed and energized. 

I'm looking forward to the Lac La Biche Winter Festival of Speed.  The town goes all out for the racers with a free meal and prize money.  Be sure to book your room and I really encourage you not to miss out.  YOU are their entertainment along with sled drag racing, car racing and more.  Please book your calendar.  It's a blast!  Let's give them a show!  This is a National and Provincial points event.  This gives every racer the opportunity for a National Championship regardless of your Provincial points for the rest of the series.

Thanks to our major sponsors;

  • Turple Bros.
  • Baumann Hoe & Bobcat (grading)
  • Twisted Shifter Performance
  • UTV Canada
  • YB Quality Meats
Thanks to Hot Concession, Bourbon BBQ.  Flagging from the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group - Ponoka Chapter.  Stu McColl for keeping us up to speed with play by play announcing.

Thanks to volunteers of the Second Gear Club.  We really appreciated having some new volunteers this weekend to help out us old ones!  LOL.

Special thank you to the Baumann family for maintaining and grading the track and for the odd tug off the ice.  And to you too Susi for manning the gate. 

See you all in 6 days!

Lapscorer with the best seat in the house!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 Jan 22 Oval Ice Results

2017 CMA Alberta Provincial Oval Ice Championship

Go to RESULTS page and click on 2017 Jan 22 results and manual results (heat details).

Sunday, Jan 29th Oval Ice race is a GO!  Look forward to Round #2 at Mulhurst Bay on Pigeon Lake.

Check out our Facebook page for photos of last weekends race.  Excellent ice conditions and fast racers made for a great day of racing.  UTV classes were a hit!  Bar to bar racing in every class. 

Thanks to our major sponsors;

  • Turple Bros.
  • Baumann Hoe & Bobcat (grading)
  • Twisted Shifter Performance
  • UTV Canada
  • YB Quality Meats
Thanks to Hot Concession, Bourbon BBQ - that special Bourban sauce was fantastic Brian!

Special thanks to the great crew that handles our corner flagging from the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group - Ponoka Chapter.

Stu McColl for his ever exciting, on the edge of your seat, racing play by play announcing - we love you Stu!

And the volunteers of the Second Gear Club, thank you for all your hard work to bring ice racing to Alberta in 2017.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jan 22 2017 - Round #1 CMA Oval Ice racing - Mulhurst Bay, Pigeon Lake

Jan 22 2017 - Round #1 CMA Oval Ice racing - Mulhurst Bay, Pigeon Lake

Let's go ICE RACING!!! 

We're very excited to hit the ice running with ROUND ONE of the CMA Alberta Provincial Oval Ice Race.

Thank you to all of our sponsors.


Lots of ice and beautiful weather will surely have you all excited for Sunday.  Alex Baumann and family will be building the track.  What a TEAM!

HOT CONCESSION by Bourbon BBQ on site.  Please show them some love.

Corner Workers - those amazing guys from Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group - Ponoka.

Stu McColl will be announcing - you can't help but be excited about racing when listening to every play by play by this outstanding announcer.  FM station will be set up on race day.

Beth and Travis Reed are the key event co-ordinators and are bring a fresh look to ice racing.  They can be reached at You can also contact

Trophies/Placques are back at every race.  We won't be having a formal awards at each event, so after your 3rd heat, head over to the race trailer to pick up your placque/trophy after plow.  Be sure to check out the results quickly to ensure there are no errors or protest.  Then you can pick up your trophy.  Thank you to Calvin at Leading Edge Printing Services to design and print such a cool placque.

Registration is OPEN and race/spectator information can be found at

NEW this year:

  • ATV Studded INTERMEDIATE classes
  • New UTV Classes Sponsored by UTV Canada:
    • Heat #1 - UTV 900 & Under Non Studded
    • Heat # 2 - UTV Over 900 Non Studded
    • Heat # 3 - UTV OPEN Studded
    • Each UTV class will run all 3 races per heat


1.450 Intermediate
2.OPEN Expert
3.250 Novice/Vintage
4.ATV 500 & Under Exp/Over 500 Int
6.250 Expert
7.Veteran 29+ & 39+
8.ATV 500 & Under/Over 500 Novice
9.ATV Non-Studded Ladies
10.Women Motorcycle
11.ATV 500 & Under Int/Over 500 Exp
12.250 Intermediate/OPEN Novice

1.450 Expert
2.OPEN Intermediate
3.450 Novice
4.ATV Non-Studded 2WD
6.PeeWee/Youth Quad
7.ATV Non-Studded 4WD
8.Sidecar Traditional/Modified
11.ATV Exhibition




Monday, November 28, 2016

News Release Nov 27 2016 / Notice of Meeting Nov 7th 2016

News Release Nov 27 2016 / Notice of Meeting Nov 7th 2016

We are very excited to welcome Pro-Am Motorsports and Adventure Honda as part of the Second Gear Club family.  Pro-Am Motorsports and Adventure Honda will be sponsoring the 2017 Second Gear Club hosted hare scramble events sanctioned by CMA (Canadian Motorcycle Association).  Be sure to stop by their new shop in Calgary.

Very happy to have the 2017 Second Gear Club youth hare scramble series sponsored by Bow Ridge Sports, Cochrane.

We are looking forward to a great ice racing series with big thanks to 2017 major sponsor, Turple Bros., Red Deer. will be spearheading our new endurocross series. Big thanks to this continued major sponsor.

Second Gear Club is grateful for continued key support from Baumann Hoe & Bobcat, (Thorsby), YB Quality Meats (Red Deer), Cycle Works Calgary, Lite Industries (Red Deer), and G.W. Cycle Works (Calgary).

Second Gear Club has scheduled a meeting to review 2016 and plan 2017 events.  Please join us Wednesday, Dec 7th, 6:30pm at Cycle Works Calgary’s new club office in their shop.  Note that this is not a CMA Alberta AGM, but rather a SGC member meeting.  Agenda details to follow. 
The SGC will have a booth at both the Calgary Motorcycle Show and Edmonton Motorcycle Show in January 2017.  Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nov 5th Second Gear Club and CMA Awards Night

Second Gear Club & CMA Awards Evening Nov 5th.
Great evening of fun socializing, bench racing, celebrating, congratulating of this years top riders for CMA and Club HS series, awards, prizes, draws, candy and more!  

Trophies to:
  • Club series awards to 5th place
  • CMA Provincial Hare Scrambles awards to 3rd place

Special draws include:
  • The Man Den kit
  • The Women's kit
  • The Family Kit
  • Teen Kit
  • Kids Kit
  • Wine Barrel
  • Golfing 4-Some at GlenEagle (Calgary)
  • Dewalt tools
  • RV mattress to order
  • NEW - "Win Your Dinner" by bringing a door prize (value of min$15) and be added to a draw to win back dinner ticket (family value max $130)
  • FREE Candy/Toy Guess
  • and so much more!  Be sure to ask your sponsors if they have any items to donate.
Registration is online: We especially need you to register and NOMINATE for the following.  Voting and awarding will be handled during the awards evening.  Be certain to add a good story or reason why you believe the individual(s) should be nominated.
  • Ron Mallet Sportsperson of the Year
  • Shauna Mercier Youth Sportsperson of the Year (be sure to let your racing kids nominate for this award)
  • Chris Bonneau Outstanding Parent Award
  • Racing Family of the Year (NEW - This is for the family that races, Mom and/or Dad, and kid(s).  Best all-round team effort from the pits to the course and back again.  Afterall - we have so many amazing SGC families that race.
Everyone welcome.  The buffet is amazing, be sure you're hungry!  Business casual or motorcycle jerseys or pink tutus!  Just as long as you come to have a good time. Adults $45, Youth 6-12 $20, 5 & Under FREE. Dinner pre-registration mandatory.

Wine Barrel Raffle - Bring a bottle of wine, liqueur, or specialty beer and a $$Toony$$.  Two lucky winners will be filling up their wine cellar!

Doors open at 4:00 pm. 
Dinner 6:00 pm
SGC Awards 7:00 pm
CMA Awards 8:00 pm

Austrian Canadian Cultural Centre, 3112 - 11th Street N.E. Calgary, Alberta

Directions:  From Highway 2 (Deerfoot) turn east on 32nd Avenue.  Take the first right (which is at the 2nd set of lights) onto 12th Street south, then take the next right and follow road until it curves.  Building located on the left.  Parking available in the lot or on the street.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Take a look at the Overall Results for the 2016 SGC Club Championship - note that PW Expert has been revised as of Oct 1/16

Friday, September 2, 2016

RD #3 - SGC Moose Mountain HS Sep 3-4 2016 - sponsored by Pro-Action Suspension

RD #3 - SGC Moose Mountain HS Sep 3-4 2016
sponsored by Pro-Action Suspension
Fallen Timber South Campground

Key information:

Location: Fallen Timber South Campground GOOGLE MAP

  • Friday Night 8PM, Saturday & Sunday at 8AM
  • Day Use area at bottom of campground
  • CMA license only $40 effective Sep 1 2016
  • HELMETS MANDATORY for installation of RFID transponder $5 mandatory fee
  • Orange wristband for anyone riding a motorcycle in conjunction with event
  • Have your registration and insurance on your person at all times while riding
  • Bring you CMA license 
Check/Finish line area:
  • No Helmet Zone around the scanner and tent areas
  • If you need to speak with official, please remove helmet before stepping into check area
  • Gas Check is after the tent
Fish and Wildlife has assigned 2 wardens to our race to ensure we do NOT cross any creeks as September 1st is fish spawning time.  They will be enforcing any individuals riding the roads, creeks etc.  Regardless of the orange wristband, they will be looking for proof of registration and insurance.  They ride motorcycles.  They would like to make an example of our club and community.  Anyone riding without registration and insurance makes us all look bad.  While our event is insured through CMA, the special event permit states that all off-road motorcycles must be registered and insured.

Here's some info on why we have all seen an increased patrol in the area.

  • A Loop  Pro, Expert,30A, 40A (Vet Expert), Super Vet, Intermediate, Women Expert 2 HOUR RACE
  • B Loop  30B, 40B, Legends, Novice, Women 2 HOUR RACE
  • B Loop Sportsman, Super Sportsman, Youth Master ONE HOUR RACE
  • C Loop Club Ladies and Ladies Advanced  ONE HOUR RACE

CMA Competition License Required for CMA (Saturday AM)
Entry $45, Pro payout to 5th, Trophies to 3rd place
Have your CMA license with you. Arrive early if you need to apply for discounted 2016 CMA Annual Competition License ($40) print and fill out:

Club events

SGC membership $30 annuallyEntry $30  (Saturday classes)
Sunday (Closed-to-Club Series)(competition license NOT required):REGISTRATION: 8AM-9:30 AM  onsite.
If you have pre-registered, you will need to sign-in (proof that you are physically at the race) and pay.  Kids MUST sign participant waiver, parents will need to sign Parental Waiver. Print, fill out and bring with you to event. 
Trophies to ALL kids.
Entry Fee (Closed-to-Club):  Kids $25
Annual SGC membership can be annual renewed onsite.  $30/family. (Rocky Mountain House Motorcycle Club, Windermere Valley Dirt Riders and Ghost Riders Club memberships honoured)

8:00-930am SIGN IN
Pee Wee (Pee Wee Course) - 1/2 hour West side Meadow
Pee Wee Advance (Pee Wee Course) - 1/2 hour West side Meadow
Pee Wee Expert (special course) - 3/4 hour
Youth Novice, Youth Intermediate - 1 hour
Youth Expert - 1 1/2 hour

BBQ, Prizes & Awards: 3:00PM

Sponsors:  Pro-Action Suspension, CMP Automotive, YB Quality Meats, Baumann Hoe & Bobcat, Cycleworks, Blackfoot Direct