Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Round 2 RELOCATED - Cow Lake

Ice Race - (Dodd's Lake, Innisfail, AB)
Relocated to Cow Lake, Rocky Mountain House January 30, 2010
Racing begins at 11am Sharp!

Gate Fee - 5$ Person 15$/ Carload.
Racing 11:00 am to 4:30 pm
Spectator parking available on ice. Please dress warm.
Pits are open to public.

Hot Concession & Port-o-Potties Available.
FM Transmitter is on for your convenience in your vehicles. Gate attendent will advise FM Channel.
See below for DIRECTIONS.

Bikes & Competitors could leave the track at any time during the race.  Please pay attention at all times.

Watch & Keep pit lanes and track safety boundary FREE at all times as competitors are entering/leaving track during the entire day.

Tech inspection is MANDATORY, Front/rear guards & Snell 2005 or equivalent are required for competition.  All refueling MUST be on a tarp or enviro pad.

SIGN-IN 8AM-9:45AM, TECH INSPECTION 8AM-10:30AM, PRACTICE 10:00AM-10:45AM, RACE START 11:00AM  Pre-register online and pay at the track.  CMA Competition Licenses available on race day.

You MUST be on deck & on the line when your class is ready, officials will NOT wait for you.

Listen to the FM Channel & watch your Race schedule!!

Race location: Follow directions to Rocky Mountain House.  From the East, travel on hwy 11 towards RMH, turn left onto hwy 752 Access road (west of hwy 22 intersection and just before entering RMH).  Continue on hwy 752 Access road approx 3km, you will come to the t-intersection of hwy 752, turn left and continue on hwy 752 to Cow Lake.  13km.  You will be turning left into Cow Lake.  If you miss the turn off, you will end up at Grandview Stage gas station (1km past Cow Lake entrance).
Awards location:  Hardendell Hall 1 1/2 miles east of Cow Lake entrance (hwy 752).
Cow lake directions.gif