Friday, February 11, 2011

Mitch Brown Presented CMA Memorial Award

Last weekend the 2009 CMA Fulvio Callimaci Memorial Supporters Award was presented to Mitch Brown of the Second Gear Club at Round 2 of the Oval Ice Race Series in Rocky Mountain House Alberta. This award is for any Individual or group who have supported or promoted motorcycling in an exceptional way during the past year. The award itself can only be awarded once in a lifetime, which makes it even more special.

Two years later the award was finally presented to Mitch Brown, why so delayed you ask? Well Mitch has just been too darn busy doing what he does best to have time and be at a venue to accept the award in person!
From Mitch Brown: “When I was first told I had an award coming to me two years go, the only thought was that it would be another for fun plaques: best crash, best save, most bikes broken in one season (three in the past 4 weeks) the list goes on.  A year flew by and this award slipped my mind. I continued to do what I do with the Second Gear Club. Now two years later I have been presented with this most amazing gift and recognition. I thank everyone who has ever involved themselves in this great sport of off-road motorcycle racing. You are the reason I continue to do what I do. Recently I was have been told I may be the youngest to ever be given this award, 23 at the time. It is a great honour.
From hare scrambles to ice racing, trials to training schools and the trade shows, I have always found a home with the many friends and families I enjoy this sport with. Like others, this is not my hobby, my past time, Off-road motorcycling is my life. I would not trade it for anything.
The Second Gear Club & I have been working closely together since I was 16 years old (I am now 25) when I first took over managing their website, my roles have now moved into photography, videography, social networking, sponsorships & technical advising as well as researching new ventures for the club.

I am forever grateful for all the opportunities SGC presents myself to help spread our great sport and lifestyle throughout this great country and the world. Special thanks to Rhonda Pechout as her dedication is always there pushing me towards the impossible and beyond. Rhonda and I work side by side on many a project into the late of the night race to race, event to event always making sure every base is covered, every situation is thought out. Thanks Rhonda!
Last but not least, all of this would not be possible without my ever-supportive father. If you ever talk to me you will know I refer to him as Monty, not my dad. It’s just easier that way with all the “who is your dad” questions. Monty Brown, a father of fathers. This award is because of you, the dedication you show to support me is never ending. Our long nights in the garage, our epic rides, and the passes we pull on each other in the heat of the competition like it was just you and I out there. Nothing will ever replace those. Love ya’ dad!”
I hope to see everyone at the races,