Saturday, April 30, 2011

Enduro Kings TV is Coming

Enduro Kings TV is coming! Throttle Entertainment, the creators of movies of extreme races such as Last Man Standing, Red Bull Romaniacs, Erzberg, The Tough One, Roof of Africa and more are now bringing us a tv series of their own.  Some of Alberta's very own extreme racers  are to be featured in this series including, Marty Halmazna, Shane Cuthbertson, Jason Schrage, including many of those who participated in the Corner Grass Race Teams Xtinction Hard Enduro and CMA Series race Corner Grass.

See the races that where "Finishing is like winning"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Xtinction Hard Enduro - Red Bull to Sponsor

Check out the press release for Alberta's Xtinction Hard Enduro! Red Bull is to support the event as well as riders from across North American and Europe!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trials - Round 2 Results - Wildrose MX Park

Here are some Un-official results from Round 2 of the CMA Alberta Trals run at WildRose MX Park April.24.2010. Stephen Foord took expert comfortably with 24. Matt coonfer took home first in Intermediate after missing his ride to BC on Saturday and had no choice but to ride the trials, with Marris Romaniuk taking in a win for Junior!
View the Photos compliments of  Jason Heidrick

2011 Canadian WTC National Trial - Summerland BC

2011 Canadian  WTC  National Trial 
            Dates  - Round #1  Saturday May 21st 
               Round #2  Sunday  May  22nd
      ( Monday is Round #2 of the Outlaw Vintage Series)

2011 Riviere's Revenge Hare Scramble - May 7/8 2011

Here is some Round 1 Info from the CMRC's Alberta Dirt Riders 
Kermaxx Provincial Offroad Series Hare Scrambles

 ROUND 1 May 7 and 8, 2011
Check out the Race Flyer and Poster 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dare to Dream Extreme Video

Please take 30 minuets to see what one of our new Albertan hare scramble racers is involved with. Darins efforts has sent one of our very own SGC families on a trip of a lifetime because of his amazing heart.

From Darin Bullivant "We raised over $6000 for Children's Wish Foundation and sent an ill child on the adventure of a lifetime. I trained over 10,000 km of running, riding and dirt biking to prep and I had the time of my life. I still need to raise some more funds to get my goal so if you have any ideas...e-mail me. Enjoy and thanks to all my teams, trainers, partners, sponsors, family and friends, who helped and supported me. I am blessed by you!"

Alberta's Darin Bullivant Reviews Cactus Coulee!

Check out Darin  Bullivant's race report from Cactus Coulee!

Darin races in the Baja 500 and 1000 as well as many other triathlon events!

The Cactus Coulie race put on by the Second Gear club= fun, carnage, and all around good times. This was my first time racing in this series and I was impressed by the family oriented "feel" that the club creates.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trials - WildRose MX Park - April 24 -

 Next Trials competition Apr.24th SUNDAY at the WildRose MX in Calgary. The boys and girls were busy and made some new obstacles for you all! Check out the vintage class offered for mono shock. This is a great way to work on your balance skills, techniques and learn new ways of handling your motorcycling. 
Starts 10AM SHARP
Directions - PRE REGISTER

You have to learn to go slow before you can go fast!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Contour Plus helmet cam spied, offers wider view of your extreme antics

ContourHD Plus
If you're the type who likes to risk life and limb in pursuit of pleasure, then you know the best way to document your exploits is with a little helmet cam action. Bike Rumor is reporting that Contour, one the leaders in this (admittedly niche) field, will soon be releasing a new POV shooter called the Contour Plus. The site came across some Giant pro cyclers testing the device, who claim the Plus will improve on the ContourGPS by adding an HDMI-out port, boosting image quality, and widening the viewing angle from 140 degrees to 170. And, for those who really like to live dangerously, the Plus will supposedly pack a Bluetooth radio so you can stare at the iPhone viewfinder app while hurtling down a snow-covered slope or through an obstacle-riddled bike path. Of course, this is all unofficial at the moment, but the "little birdy" whispering in Bike Rumor's ear said the updated cam will land in the next month or two. One more blurry shot after the break. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Oval Ice Banquet Photos

Check out the great photos from the Awards banquet in Innisfail on April.16.2011 for the 2011 CMA Oval Ice Races! Everyone got together and celebrated a great season with amazing speeches all night and talking about the 2012 Season. Matt Coonfer was Rookie of the year and was welcomed with a proper hazing from the Pros with a bear crawl with some food trays coming at him!

The night ended with a standing ovation for Rhonda Pechout and the Screening of the Slovakian Movie, ICY RIDERS which follows famed speedway rider Posa Serenius as he makes his final run from the Swedish countryside into the icy heart of Siberia.

Stay Tuned for Customized Photos with Classes above them!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cactus Coulee Award Photos

Here are the podium award photos from the Walt Healy CMA Alberta Harescramble Series Round 1 !


Did we get your smug wild bringing home some hardware? Well the photos should be here.

If you have any more photos from Cactus Coulee send them our way today we would love to post them for you.

Cactus Coulee 2011 Video Recap

Dave Schrader has outdone himself again. While Racing Intermediate, and chasing the novices on their crazy antics around the course, Dave has brought SGC yet another amazing video with some of the coolest shots you will see!

Watch now and hate yourself for not making it to the first Alberta Harescramble of 2011 in lethbridge!

Make sure you smile for the cameras at the 2011 Corner Grass!

Cactus Coulee Photo Gallery 2

We got some more photos coming in from our wicked members for Cactus Coulee Harescramble! Shaya got us these pics last night and they are sweeeeeeeeet!
View them now!

See if she got yourself on the track in Pro, Expert, Intermediate, Vet Expert Classes!

Do you have photos and want them part of our growing photo albums of over 35,000 Free Pics? Send us an email and we will let you know how to get them to us!

Just another FREE incentive to race CMA and SGC!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cactus Coulee - Video - Jordan Reed

Jordan Reeds team got some pretty sweet footage of the Main CMA guys in Expert, Pro & Intermeidate classes from the Cactus Coulee Race, Check out the footage that they got on their youtube  channel. 

See most of the carnage included Jordans loopout in the photo here

Results - Cactus Coulee - Club Sunday Results

Check out all the Sunday Club Results from the Cactus Coulee Lethbridge Harescramble!

- Class Results
- Lap Details 

Cactus Coulee Photos - CMA Classes

Check out these Cactus Coulee Hare Scramble picc in Lethbridge from Doug Newall, Shaya Carlson & Mitch Brown

Doug and Shaya were out on the trails all day snapping photos when you did not want him too! Thanks Doug for all the great photos!

Do you have photos? Email us & let us know!


Pre Register for Oval Ice Banquet on April 16th

Are you Registered for the 2011 Ice Banquet in Innisfail? We need numbers for the chef, see how many awards we need, and how loud to play the music! Did we mention that

Molson Canada has stepped up and sponsored us as well!

Pre-Register now!

2011 Cactus Coulee RESULTS

Check here for hourly updates of Unofficial Results from the Walt Healy Off-Road Hare Scramble Series for CMA and CLUB Results for Round 1 - Cactus Coulee! We will update the top 3 as Soon as we can followed by PDF Electronic Barcode Results of lap times/class overalls and more!

Cactus Coulee All Saturday Results
Trials - Round 1 Cactus Coulee

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cactus Coulee 2011 - Novice Helmet Cam

Lee got us another wicked video from the novice class. Guess Who pulled the holeshot!? Jam packed racing, classes and action all around, Cactus Coulee is a spectators dream with amazing passes, crashes & wins. Check out lees video to see what you missed!

Cactus Coulee 2011 - The Hill Video

Check out the endless amount of riders tackle "The Hill" of Cactus Coulee in Lethbridge. This was only in the Pro, Expert, Vet Exp & Intermediate classes and was truly entertaining to watch as it was close to watching lemmings. More videos to come!

Results - Trials - Round 1 Cactus Coulee

Check out the Results from the Cactus Coulee Trials in Lethbridge. This year the boys and girls went European and used pin flags to mark out the trails, this made for for quick and easy setup, more interesting lines. And the fact there was not a tree in sight on this event site to tie a ribbon to, it made the Trials extremely easy to setup! That and you could tell what rider was doing trials as they had pin flags in their boots all day after teardown!

Check out the results!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cactus Coulee Race Report - Marty Halmazna

 Sunny and no wind. Wow! Winters over!  Round 1 of the CMA hare scramble series.  All was not to good off the start for me in the coulees near Lethbridge Albert. I thought that if I pushed my bike from the dead engine start line that I could push my bike to the 1st corner which was only a couple feet away and bump start it down the 1st drop into the ravine.  Well I guess all the rest of the Masters had the same plan. Anyways races was on and my Bowridge Sports FP Husky TC 449 was a pleasure to ride.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pre-Registration Deadline is 1PM Friday!

The Pre-Registration deadline for cactus coulee harescramble in lethbridge is at 1PM Mountain Time! Please pre-Register (no payment required) to beat the lines, save some cash.

Pre Register Here!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Round 1 Cactus Coulee Harescramble - STILL ON - April 9-10 - Lethbridge

Despite talk of round-one of the Walt Healy Hare Scramble Series being cancelled or postponed, Race organizers are pushing for this race to go for April 9 and 10th of the Beer's Cactus Coulee Harescramble in Lethbridge,

Cactus Coulee - 2010 Novice Class Helmet Cam

Want to know what the novice class of Cactus Coulee is like? Check out this sweet video from Lee who raced it last year in lethbridge. This kids got moves on his KTM 250F! More Info on Race Here!

Check out this helmet cam from 2010 Cactus Coulee!

Want to know what the novice class of Cactus Coulee is like? Check out this sweet video from Lee who raced it last year in lethbridge. This kids got moves on his KTM 250F! More Info on Race Here!

Claim your Place on the 2011 Walt Healy Harescramble Podium!

With only three days left until the first round of the 2011 Walt Healy Harescramble series in Alberta. SGC is excited to present the podium for the Top 5 Finishers of each class. Cactus Coulee will be on April 9 and 10th in Lethbridge,  this is a great area to come out of hibernation and stretch your legs, last year with over 120 CMA main contenders, there was action all over the shorter yet challenging course which had racers wanting more, dare you attempt the MASSIVE teeter totter of doom!? How about the new sections added that not even we know about! We cant wait!   VIEW RACE INFO!

2011 GNCC Round 3 - FMF Steele Creek GNCC Bikes

TrialsPaul Sent us this wicked video on GNCC Racing. Sit back, throw it fullscreen and enjoy. Oh and hate yourself for not racing this weekend!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Round 1 of Alberta CMA Trials - Lethbridge April 10

Don't miss out on the first trial of the year in the lovely badlands of Lethbridge only 15minutes from town. The Cactus Coulee Trial is on Sunday, Apr.10th. Course Marshall is 2009 CMA Canadian Trials Champion, Stephen Foord.

Classes: Expert, Advanced, Intermediate, Junior, SuperVeteran, Vintage (twin shock 1986 or older), Modern Classic (mono shock 1980-98).

pre-register at or send us an email at to let us know you are planning to attend.

Walt Healy midnite madness sale April 8-9!

Walt Healy Motorsports Is having a Midnight Madness sale April 8 and 9th! Check out these wicked deals they are having this weekend only!

RMDRA Morrison Trailblazer Restoration Project

Check out the RMDRA's Trailblzer Restoration Project, Lead by Aaron Bauer. This amazing machine will be grooming and maintaining trails for the off-road dirtbike community across Alberta!
Join their Facebook Group!

GoPro ships $200 3D Hero expansion kit, acquires CineForm in its spare time

By Darren Murph posted Apr 5th 2011 6:33AM

Remember that 3D Hero expansion kit we ogled back at CES? How would you forget is likely the superior question. At any rate, GoPro has just announced the general availability of that very module, with $99.99 getting you a waterproof 3D expansion kit for the insanely popular HD Hero camera.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Get the SGC Background Today!

sgcbackground2009novGet the SGC Wallpaper today! Let us know if you can guess who is featured on it!

Walt Healy 2011 Harescramble Series Schedule/Directions



Apr.9-10 Cactus Coulee, Lethbridge

Jun.25-26 Corner Grass, Compeer (Western Cdn)
Jul.23-24 Sundance Scrambler, Edson (Western Cdn)
Sep.10-11 Fisher Frolic, McLean Creek
Jul.30-31 Moose Mountain,

Pre-Register for any of these events at

Brooklyn Motorized looks to bring classic styling to new-age electric motorcycles

One of the most beautiful things about motorcycles is that their styling is rather less restrained than your average automobile. Bikes have covered just about every shape and size, largely ignoring crash testing results and aerodynamic concerns, and the upcoming electric motorcycle from Brooklyn Motorized certainly makes little concession for either.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Logos & Sponsors

Checkout our 2011 Sponsors for the Harescramble Season. Download posters, logos and sponsors  to colour and see new designs coming to 2011!

Check them out here!

SGC Iphone App Needs a Launch Sponsor!

The Second Gear Club is seeking out a Launch sponsor for its Very own Iphone/Ipod Touch/Ipad Sponsor!

The sponsor will be the only Company featured for 1 month into the launch. All inquires for sponsoring can contact

2011 Oval Ice UNOFFICIAL results after Round 6

2011 ice results unofficial PDF
Please email with any typos.
Official results will be posted by CMA with in the about a week.
Let me know if you are missing any trophy plates or if you received the wrong one by accident.  I will do up an order and mail out plates to you.

Contour HD GPS Blue Tooth Capability Tested

Check out this review from Engadget of the Contour HD GPS with Bluetooth Capability & Iphone video Preview!

Corner Grass 2010 Video

Mitch Brown Put together a video from 2010 that went under the radar with everything going on with SGC. Check it out here!


Check out this blast from the past as we get this old CMA logo a refresher!