Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 Cactus Coulee RESULTS

Check here for hourly updates of Unofficial Results from the Walt Healy Off-Road Hare Scramble Series for CMA and CLUB Results for Round 1 - Cactus Coulee! We will update the top 3 as Soon as we can followed by PDF Electronic Barcode Results of lap times/class overalls and more!

Cactus Coulee All Saturday Results
Trials - Round 1 Cactus Coulee


Many Thanks to all the score checkers and my ever amazing scanner Kathy Coonfer. Kathy in the first 1.5 Hours she checked 67 riders doing over 800 Laps and in the second race she checked another 60 riders more than 500 times!  This worked out to about 8 Riders every minuet, or at some points it was a never ending line of racers for 5 minuets straight! Kathy you are THE BOMB!