Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Xtinction Hard Enduro - Red Bull to Sponsor

Check out the press release for Alberta's Xtinction Hard Enduro! Red Bull is to support the event as well as riders from across North American and Europe!

For Immediate Release
April 26, 2011

Date: August 07, 2011
Patricia, Alberta, CANADA
North America’s only ‘Extreme Hard Enduro’ event will once again come
to life in the burial grounds of the magnificent dinosaur. Located in
the ‘Badlands’ of Alberta Canada; the second edition of the event will
host racers from around the globe and test the desire of the modern
day Off-Road motorcycle enthusiast presenting those brave enough; a
chance to beat XTINCTION!!!

The inaugural event was a huge success which showcased an all out
battle with Canadian Endurocross Ace - Cory Graffunder edging out the
extremely talented American - Kyle Redmond for a healthy chunk of the
$5000 purse.
The event tested the skills of a large Canadian and
American rider contingent and proved to be one of the elite ‘Extreme
Enduro’ events in existence.

The 2011 version has already seen significant interest from many of
the top manufacturers, as well as racers from across North America
and Europe. In addition, Red Bull Energy Drink has confirmed support
and will help bring XTINCTION to new levels! The event will again
offer a significant purse to attract the best riders from around the

In addition, a CMRC sanctioned Harescramble event will be held
the day prior to allow the vast majority of enthusiasts a taste of the
‘Badlands’ without the potential of facing XTINCTION!
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2011 Xtinction Poster Featuring Shane Cuthbertson August 6 and 7