Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cactus Coulee Race Report - Marty Halmazna

 Sunny and no wind. Wow! Winters over!  Round 1 of the CMA hare scramble series.  All was not to good off the start for me in the coulees near Lethbridge Albert. I thought that if I pushed my bike from the dead engine start line that I could push my bike to the 1st corner which was only a couple feet away and bump start it down the 1st drop into the ravine.  Well I guess all the rest of the Masters had the same plan. Anyways races was on and my Bowridge Sports FP Husky TC 449 was a pleasure to ride.
Power delivery was bang on suspension was actually great for being a bone stock moto X bike and when the tank is full the bikes balance is perfect. Motor in the front and tank in the rear.

I raised the bars a little and that's it for morning mods on race day. Slick off cambers that lasted forever where definitely a advantage of me and my steed. The 449 just clinched the moisture fill earth and HOOKed up everywhere and with that a podium finish for the newly released Husky.

Marty Takes the more difficult left line after the teeter totters.
Looking forward to putting more time on the Tc and really dialling it in. Thanx to Bowridge Sports,FP Husqvarna Canada,Troy Lee Designs, Ogio, MSRI, Motovan,Storm Racing and my Family for the continuous support. Round 2 anyone?

Schrage Dances over the obstacles with ease Taking an easy first on home turf.

The 449 makes "The hill" with ease.

Marty takes the final jump into the valley with the check in the background.

The gap was opened with only 30 minuets left giving racers a break from the sand rock and log obstacles