Saturday, April 30, 2011

Enduro Kings TV is Coming

Enduro Kings TV is coming! Throttle Entertainment, the creators of movies of extreme races such as Last Man Standing, Red Bull Romaniacs, Erzberg, The Tough One, Roof of Africa and more are now bringing us a tv series of their own.  Some of Alberta's very own extreme racers  are to be featured in this series including, Marty Halmazna, Shane Cuthbertson, Jason Schrage, including many of those who participated in the Corner Grass Race Teams Xtinction Hard Enduro and CMA Series race Corner Grass.

See the races that where "Finishing is like winning"


Sit back and travel the world from your living room as you watch the best, most experienced Extreme Enduro riders compete in the craziest, most extreme events on earth. The sport of Motocross is as popular as ever around the world. But now, there is a new type of racing that is capturing the minds of the fans and the world’s most elite riders. It’s called Extreme Enduro racing. It’s a rigorous sport of man and machine against terrain on a time clock while racing through impossible obstacles and physically demanding terrain. It’s like survival of the fittest on a dirtbike!

ENDURO KINGS takes the viewer to the most interesting locations on earth. These “real-life” events Exist today at some of the most beautiful locations in the world like Austria, Italy, Romania, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Each race is different and each has its own set of characteristics and mystique. These events are so hard, so challenging and so fierce that hundreds of riders will start… but by the end of the race, less than a handful will actually finish. Like a mountaineer is drawn to Everest, these Extreme Enduro warriors will put themselves through the absolute test of human endurance just to finish the race. Because to them, finishing is just like winning!!


ENDURO KINGS TV Series from jeff pakosta on Vimeo.