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Lexi Pechout reviews the 2010 CMA Oval Ice Racing season

Lexi Pechout reviews the 2010 CMA Oval Ice Racing season

17-Mar-11 09:13 |

Lexi Pechout reviews the 2010 CMA Oval Ice Racing season

Bowridge Motorsports of Cochrane, Alberta sponsored rider, #3 Lexi Pechout, gives her review on the 2011 CMA Oval Ice racing season.
By Lexi Pechout, 3/17/11
Aboard the newly sponsored Bowridge Motorsports Husqvarna WR250, I finished number one nationally in the Ladies class, 2nd overall provincially in Alberta in 450 Novice, 250 Novice & Ladies Open.  It was a great season as a rookie on the ice. 

Weather was good for the most part varying from cold to very cold.  Ice conditions varied from lake to lake offering an array of challenges including whoops and sketchy cracks.  The power delivery was great pulling down the straight-aways and through the corners in top gear.  Jetting was perfect considering temperature changes from –30 to +5.  Gear changes were smooth and consistent.
The Ladies class proved to be very competitive as one of the largest classes of the season.  As many as 14 of us on the line, with bar to bar competition with #11 Laurie Anne Benko, #169 Melanie Baumann and #175 Karly Nagel.  #33 Shelby Coonfer & Karly demonstrating great starts all season.  There were some thrills and spills with Brittany Wilson, Shelby and Karly feeling the rash of some nasty chipped out holes.  #6 Michelle Newall won crash of the season when her CR500 bucked her off 6 feet in the air, tossing her head first into the snow bank.  I had my share of close calls, but the Charles Beattie tires offered optimal traction.  #9 Valerie Hopwood was an epic competitor.  Other new ice racers, #75 Ali Cohen, #241 Cassey Churcher & #99 Stephanie Hartland picked up the pace, always improving from race to race.  Great racing everyone!

Michelle Newall crash in corner 4
Ladies group off the start
In the 450 Novice class I had a chance to battle with both guys and girls.  #94 Wylie Hreceniuk, #40 Scott Graham & #175 Karly Nagel raised the bar each heat, each race.

450 Novice class – Lexi Pechout & Wylie Hreceniuk

450 Novice group
In the 250 Novice class, #78 Mike Bakken, #78 Hans Bergesen & Valerie Hopwood made this competitive, fast and so much fun.  Thank you Bowridge (Husky WR250F) and Coonfer’s (KTM250F) for use of you bikes.
Finishing overall on the podium as a rookie, I really have to thank all the advise from experts; #333 Matt Coonfer, #34 Sean Potter, #99 Bryan Watt and #57 Ryan Middleton.

Experts demonstrating just how close they are to each other in corners
Thanks to all the Second Gear Club volunteers, Mom & Dad, Bowridge Motorsports, Walt Healy Motorsports and the Coonfer family.  Thanks for an amazing year.  Now it’s time to hit the DIRT!