Monday, April 25, 2011

Trials - Round 2 Results - Wildrose MX Park

Here are some Un-official results from Round 2 of the CMA Alberta Trals run at WildRose MX Park April.24.2010. Stephen Foord took expert comfortably with 24. Matt coonfer took home first in Intermediate after missing his ride to BC on Saturday and had no choice but to ride the trials, with Marris Romaniuk taking in a win for Junior!
View the Photos compliments of  Jason Heidrick

Stephen foord 24
Steve doel 66
Shane cuthbertson 85

Rob healy 64

Matt coonfer 64
Max jones 81
Doug nimmo 82

Marris romaniuk 49
Alan brands 67

Vintage :-
Doug harrish 46
Dave sugden rtd

Super vet :-
Ken knight 66