Thursday, April 7, 2011

Round 1 Cactus Coulee Harescramble - STILL ON - April 9-10 - Lethbridge

Despite talk of round-one of the Walt Healy Hare Scramble Series being cancelled or postponed, Race organizers are pushing for this race to go for April 9 and 10th of the Beer's Cactus Coulee Harescramble in Lethbridge,

Alternatively there is a Rain date on April 30/May 1st.
You can pre-register by clicking on the Second Gear Club logo!

Cactus Coulee Race Preview March.30.2011


Pre-Registration is FREE, please let us know you are planning to attend.  Paying online is OPTIONAL.  If you are Pre-Registered, you can arrive just before parade lap giving you extra travel time. 
Saturday:REGISTRATION: 8AM-11AM  onsite for all Saturday classes.  Entry is $45 (CMA Mini Senior only $30), $80 Pro class (Payout info below)
If you have pre-registered, there will be a separate table for you to sign-in (proof that you are physically at the race) and pay.  If you are pre-registered, it is very quick.  Have your CMA license with you. Arrive early if you need to apply for 2011 CMA Annual Competition License ($70).

CMA SANCTIONED (excl. CMA Mini Senior) - Tentative Schedule
#1 PARADE LAP: 11:00 AM
#1 RACE START: 11:30AM (2 hour race)
#1 RACE ORDER: Pro, Expert, Vet Exp, Intermediate
#2 PARADE LAP: 1:45 PM
#2 RACE START: 2:15 PM (2 hour race)
#2 RACE ORDER: Veteran, Super Vet/Legends, Novice, Women
BBQ, Prizes & Awards: 5:30PM  Cool new trophies.


#2 PARADE LAP: 1:45 PM (same time as Race #2 above - same course)
#3 RACE START: 4:30PM (one hour race)

Sunday (Closed-to-Club Series)(competition license NOT required):REGISTRATION: 8AM-9:30 AM  onsite.
If you have pre-registered, you will need to sign-in (proof that you are physically at the race) and pay.  Kids MUST sign participant waiver, parents will need to sign Parental Waiver.  Trophies to ALL kids.
Entry Fee (Closed-to-Club):  Kids $25, Adults $30
Annual SGMC membership required.  $20/pp or $25/family.

Calendar will be posted with times for each class.

Classes include the following starting at 9:45 AM. Be sure to confirm all race times & order at registration.  Multiply courses allows us to run multiple classes at once, CONFIRM schedule on race day!
Pee Wee Quad
Pee Wee (if you have training wheels, this is your class)
Pee Wee Advanced
Pee Wee Expert
Youth Intermediate & Youth Expert
Youth Novice
Ladies & Ladies Advanced (novice club classes)
Dual Sport
BBQ, Prizes & Awards: 4:00PM

Note that there will also be a CMA Trials competition on Sunday.  This is a great spectator sport or come join in for the competition.
2011 Hare Scramble Pro Prize Money Payback details:
  • Entry $80
  • Winner at each event is refunded entry fee on the day of the race.
  • 80% of entry will be paid back to top 6 positions at the end of the series.
  • Breakout percentage for top six positions is 40/25/15/10/5/5
  • No trophies awarded in leu of prize money
Example:  10 PRO racers at each of the 5 scheduled events would contribute a total of $3,200 to the purse at the end of the season. (10 racers X $80 X 5 racers X 80% = $3,200).
Series winner would take home %40 of the purse = $1,280 plus refunded entry fee for each individual event won (possible $400 in entry fees). 
Bring out your racing buddies and race for $$$, the more riders, the bigger the payout!
As an option to the Expert level racer, we will also be offering the Expert class with normal entry fee of $45 plus trophy.  No prize money or payback.
*Note that purse proceeds will be deposited into a separate Second Gear Club account for safe keeping and separated from general funds.
2011 CMA Hare Scrambles Series
Apr.9 Cactus Coulee, Lethbridge
Jun. 25 Corner Grass, Compeer
Jul. 23 Sundance Scrambler, Edson
Jul. 30 Moose Mountain, Fallen Timber
Sep. 10 Fisher Frolic, McLean Creek
Directions: From Hwy#3 Lethbridge, turn north onto Stafford Drive North, turn onto 13th Street North, turn right onto TWP RD 94, then left onto Rge Rd 214A, turn left onto Twp Rd 94A, follow signs to Camping and Race Start Area.

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