Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Corner Grass Riding School 2011 Video

Check out this video from the Corner Grass Riding School of 2011 in Compeer, Alberta. This Training facility is responsible for many of Alberta's top and upcoming racers that are taking the Alberta off-roading races by storm!

This Facility also hosts the Corner Grass Hare scramble under the CMA, it will be second on the race schedule with the Second Gear Club on June 25 and 26 for 2011.

Backed by Husaberg, the CGRT continue to bring new and up coming talent to the top of the podiums in offroad races across the east and hosting the Xtinction Hard Enduro!

For more info on the Team Visit their Racer Profiles

www.cornergrass.com - www.xtinction.ca