Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Xtinction Entry now Open!

For Immediate Release:
June 01, 2011
Date:     August 07, 2011
Patricia, Alberta, CANADA

To register, download entry form, fill it out, and email to:
PayPal purchase here

If you are paying via cheque, information on how to process payment is in Event Regulations.
Heres your chance to beat XTINCTION!!  See if you have what it takes to ride the gnarliest terrain imaginable, in a land so desolate that not even the Tyrannosaurus Rex could survive!  Do you think you have what is takes?

Entry into the Xtinction II Extreme Hard Enduro is NOW OPEN!  
Limited spots available.  Qualifying order established by entry order.  Entry not complete until payment is received. 
Entry fee is $150 per rider, payable via Paypal or cheque.
Ensure you have read and understand the Event Regulations (link at bottom of page)

Further details can be found at