Friday, July 29, 2011

Chris Bonneau Memorial Photos

With the Memorial of Chris Bonneau down in history of MX and Off-road Racing, SGC would love to thank all of the supporters that came to Wild Rose MX Park who helped us remember the great memories they had with Chris. The stories were flying, the jokes were down in the dirt and smiles were everywhere to be seen! The sea of yellow showed support and was almost blinding!

Many friends, family, racers and more shared the mic and gave us stories that left us in tears crying or laughing until our gut hurt. The Endless wall of Chris Bonneau reminded us how great he truly was.

As Kendall, from 271 Racing, put it best. * To Brooklyn and CJ* "Your dad may be damn near 7 feet tall, but he is at least 20, 30, 40, 50 feet tall in confidence, that guy, no matter where he was, he would show you exactly how to compose yourself, and exactly how to win at life..."

The support for the Bonneau Family was overwhelming at times but always welcomed.
Stories followed by tears and then laughter brought the dirt biker out in us all. Some speakers just shoved Kleenex in their glasses as precaution.
Look close and you can see how the friends of Chris show their appreciation....

What kind of dirt bike gathering is not complete with some hot chicks?
Ron Ashley From Ontario made the trek west to represent Pro-Action and George Quay, Ron gave an amazing private speech for Anne and the kids, truly outstanding.
This Memorial Plaque made up by Mitch Brown & the Second Gear Club Highlights some of Chris accomplishments from the 80s and 90's  such as "Most Radical Jump" and "First to the top"
The Whos Who of MX and Off-Road were in the pits areas grabbing grub and telling stories of Chris. Donated Stickers and Posters as Fundraising for the Bonneau Children's Trust

This Article was in Racer X Canada about the Veteran Racers of Canada, featuring the late Chris Bonneau, an anonymous box delivered to the Bonneau Residence had multiple mint copies inside.
Many stayed and bench raced bringing up stories of the past with Chris

Flick, The Bonneaus dog, was tired as ever!
Anne Bonneau & Mitch Brown were extremely happy that with only a few days of planning, the function went with only one hitch, but thank goodness as everyone was reaching for the Kleenex as soon as it started!
 * A Note from Mitch Brown*

 - At first I was overwhelmed, Anne Bonneau, the women with more balls than most men, had asked me to personally plan & organize a memorial for her Husband, not just any ordinary man, but an MX legend and an Icon in the racing industry. With only 5 days of planning, a shoe string budget, I did what any organizer for a race does, and made it happen, no matter what. We are talking about Anne Bonneau here! (love you!!)

I must say, it was not only myself who made this possible but the volunteers with setup, tear down, the company's who sponsored such as Dustin with the Wild Rose MX Park who provided the tent, facility and more,  Memory Express, who guaranteed a notebook & equipment for the memorial as mine had just broke, Blackfoot for the VERY expensive, yet fashionable manicans, for the Massive Posters (up for Auction soon) and memorial Number Plate Stickers, as well as Choklat and countess others.

I thank you all for your support for the Bonneau's and all racing family's out there. We could not have made this day as special as it was without you.

See you on the line,

Mitch Brown