Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lexi Pechout's CEC Blairmore Report

Group photo of Women's class at Round 3 Blairmore
Bowridge Motorsports rider, Lexi Pechout, finishes 2nd Overall in the CEC Western Canadian Enduro championship series in the Women's class.

I loved the special tests.  I had a good day on Saturday but knew I could improve my times.
Chantelle Bykerk (Champion) and I were within seconds of each other at the end of both days despite the fact that we each shaved off more than 2 minutes overall on Sunday. 
After a big thunder storm and rain downpour late Saturday night, I was worried about the conditions on Sunday.  Luckily, the special tests were not hit as hard as I had imagined.  Growing up near the Rocky Mountains, I am well aware of what a rain storm can do.  The trails were fun and there were a few gnarly hills but overall I enjoyed it! I really liked riding up the creek in the enduro test it was a blast.  Overall, I am happy with my riding these past two weekends and thrilled to have been racing alongside Chantelle, Heather, Bree, Shelby and Amber.  Heather Wall has offered many riding tips to me over the years and so I was really happy to finish ahead of her for the first time!  Thanks Heather!  I would love to race in Ontario and Quebec for the Eastern Series and maybe even bring home the National Women’s title.  Now I just have to figure out how to get there!

Thank you to Bowridge Motorsports in Cochrane, Walt Healy Motorsports, Monty
Brown of MRSI and Greg Schaaf for all of their support!
Lexi Pechout