Friday, July 1, 2011

Results - Trials - Round 3 Corner Grass

2011 CMA Trials Results from Corner Grass.  Fantastic turnout of new riders in the Novice class.  What a great facility for trials riding.  Thank you Jay and the rest of the Corner Grass Team for such an awesome location.  Foordy did a super job as Course Marshall...
1st - Stephen Foord

1st - Rob Healy

1st -Ryan Gadd

2nd - Alex Baumann
3rd - Greg Schaaf

1st -Rob Gadd
2nd - Tom Bodrovics
3rd - Bob Reed
4th - Allan Denis
5th - Glen Kemp
6th - Guy Tomlinson
7th - Aaron Brassard
8th - Cody Graham
9th - Scott Graham
10th - Andy Whaley

1st -Mark O'Neill