Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011 Wild Rose MX EnduroCross Update

For those of you whom may not have seen the posts on RMDRA or Second Gear Club sites, I have been in discussions with Wildrose MX about creating an Endurocross Track at their facility in the near future. Currently, there is sufficient space in the trials park area to accommodate the track and the association will be voting on the track creation during next board meeting to be held September 15, 2011. I have created this e-mail distribution list to keep all informed and also maybe help spur some interest from those whom have not seen the posts on either site mentioned above.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Public Lands Administration Regulation Laws Passed

Public Lands Administration Regulation Allows for Sustainable Use of Land

SOURCE: http://www.srd.alberta.ca

The Public Lands Administration Regulation will allow government to better manage our increasingly busy landscape to ensure the activities happening on public land are sustainable. It does not apply to private land. The regulation was passed on August 25, 2011, and will be implemented on September 12, 2011.
The regulation focuses on three key themes:
  • land management;
  • compliance and enforcement; and
  • appeals and dispute resolution.
Consultation was a key step in developing this regulation. We engaged stakeholders, First Nations and Albertans online. The online survey attracted 2,139 responses. Most supported the intent of the regulation.

Lightning Motorcycles risks neck for an extra 10 MPH on the Flying Banana

Lightning Motorcycles risks neck for an extra 10 MPH on the Flying Banana

Weeks after breaking the electric motorcycle land speed record, Lightning Motorcycles decided it wasn't satisfied with 206.079 MPH. Shunning a well-deserved vacation, its Flying Banana MK. II bike hit a verified speed of 215.960 MPH. The company is taking orders for the $38,888 eco-widowmaker and assures you it'll be cheap to run -- the record breaking trip in the video below used a mere 18 cents of electricity.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mclean Creek - Fisher Frolic - Something New

The Mclean Creek Fisher Frolic is in the stages of planning and Flagging! Course builder Mitch Brown is taking a newer approach of making the course a bit longer this year to prevent any trail damage or erosion that may happen from the traffic of this popular race. It is the last one of the season for all of Alberta!

"This year the course is going to test all of your skills, the choice to make it longer was mainly due to trail damage with 100+ riders over two hours, but also to show riders more of McLeans trails. And yes Ive read the rule book, and it says, Cross Country - Short Course, I intend to do just that. I have also added some newer "Special Test" sections for the Intermediates, Experts & Pros which will have a 2nd check at the end for them".

Mitch says to expect a 20-25KM loop with NO gas checks for the main CMA. It is a technical yet fun course with many breaks along the way, however he expects midpack novice riders to do 1-2 laps.


  • 25KM
  • 11AM START
  • Special MANDATORY Test section for Inter/Exp/PRO
  • Technical with sizable climbs and downhills
  • No Gas Check (Bail out Point at 1/3 Marker)
  • Lower Levels will have some difficulty on hill climbs
  • Small Wheel (125ttr & CR150) will have problems.

Additionally this year Mitch is going to have Kilometer marker signs along the way so you can pace yourself & identify spots during the course for bench racing and as precautionary as there are no parade laps.

With the CMA license at a lower rate and riding season coming to a end as soon as the snow flys, Mitch hopes the attendance of Mclean will be as good as in 2010.

For more information contact mitch@secondgearclub.com or info@secondgearclub.com

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Endurocross Track Build Planned for Wildrose MX Park – Calgary

Shane Cuthbertson Sent us some info on the project he is working on. Shane wants to get everyone on board from all organizations and clubs so get your opinion and let Shane know what you can do for the cause!
NOTICE – Endurocross Track Build Planned for Wildrose MX Park – Calgary

Recently, I have been in discussions with Wildrose MX about creating an Endurocross Track at their facility in the near future.  Currently, there is sufficient space in the trials park area to accommodate the track and the association will be voting on the track creation during next board meeting to be held September 15, 2011.  By all accounts the outlook is quite positive as there are very few hurdles to overcome and the association appears to be keen on the idea.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011 Frosty Sanchez Double Header Poster

Come to the infamous Frosty Sanchez Race Double Header in Peachland and Naramata! It is on Oct.22 and Oct.23. Check  http://www.ohssracing.com for all information!

The organizer request that you pre-buy your dinner tickets so they know how much food to cook!

Dirtier Moose Helmet Cam and Photos 2011

Check out this cool helmet cam from the Dirtier Moose from a CMRC member.

Check out photos here - http://forums.rmdra.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=7600

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dirtier Moose Results - CMRC

Check out the results from the Dirtier Moose Held by the RMDRA with the CMRC!

some SGC members made it to hunter valley to race the XC.
Monty Brown took a 2nd in The Old guy Class 50+, Mika Pyykonen got a 1st in Vet B, Mike Hand Placed 5th in 30B,  and Dallas Blumhagen got 5th in Intermediate, and Greg Schaff took a 5th in 30B as well. Way to go guys for supporting both series!!
Sunday Main Classes - OVERALLS
Sunday Main Classes - LAPS

AMRA Mini Road Racing and Super Moto - Aug.14.2011 - Race City

Check out this wicked video Mitch Brown did up of the Super Moto and Mini Road Race day at race city held by the AMRA! Some SGC members made it out to play on the tarmac.

Mitch did some racing as well on the mini road racing, stay tuned for photos as well.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Xtinction 2011 Photos

Xtinction Photos are rolling in! Kathleen Tucker, a New SGC Photographer has some killer shots of almost every rider! This was Kathleens very first time at a dirt bike event and loved every moment of it! We thank her for her awesome shots and hope to see her out at some more events!

Do you have photos? EMail mitch@secondgearclub.com and we will get them posted! Send us your facebook links as well!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011 Overall CMA Harescramble Results

Yes yes yes, we know the overalls have not been up! We were too busy riding to... Ahhh nevermind..



FYI, Points go as follows for CMA -15,12, 10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SGC Launches Results Cloud!

Second Gear Club is Proud to launch its very own Results Cloud. http://resultscloud.secondgearclub.com/

This "cloud" will be the source of all results in a file folder structure that will be easy to navigate and use.

You can link to these files easily & share them.

In the end, SGC will post ALL pdfs to this folder which will then be linked at a later date. This cloud will be your first stop on the bench racing action!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011 Edson Results

Sorry for the Delay of results! the SGC crews have been doing what they do best, Racing, Riding & Loving Life!

So here the main CMA, here


2011 Moose Mountain Results HS4

Check out the Moose Mountain Results from 2011
We will be posting more as we upgrade the way we show you results! (you will be able to visit results.secondgearclub.com & have direct access to PDFs)

CMA MAIN | Overalls - LAPS - CLASS
Club Ladies | CLASS - LAPS

Graham Jarvis Riding Clinic at Xtinction

Darin Bullivant got some video from Graham Jarvis Riding Clinic at Xtinction, When I briefly spoke with Darin after the qualifier he mentioned the riding school, and said that during the qualifying, the skills Graham showed him not only improved his riding, but made it possible for him to qualify at Xtinction!