Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011 Wild Rose MX EnduroCross Update

For those of you whom may not have seen the posts on RMDRA or Second Gear Club sites, I have been in discussions with Wildrose MX about creating an Endurocross Track at their facility in the near future. Currently, there is sufficient space in the trials park area to accommodate the track and the association will be voting on the track creation during next board meeting to be held September 15, 2011. I have created this e-mail distribution list to keep all informed and also maybe help spur some interest from those whom have not seen the posts on either site mentioned above.

Updates since my original request for help with services / materials:
1) See attached Spreadsheet showing all interested persons whom have contacted me to date. This also shows the obstacles required, whom is working on them (Red Font), and some that I currently could use some help obtaining (highlighted in yellow). *to be added later*
2) I had a meeting with Wildrose MX to further discuss this on August 23rd and it appears we are basically a ‘GO’ to get this done. Final approval is September 15th, however they have indicated this should just be a formality.
3) Wildrose MX has given me approval to haul all obstacles into facility before that date. Nothing has been moved in yet, however I am hoping this can be done in the next 3 weeks.
4) I have the track layout complete and am looking for a draftsman to volunteer some time to make it into a more professional drawing. Please email or call if you are interested.
5) I would like to have 2 skid steers for the build and am putting some feelers out for any folks who might be willing to help on Sept. 23-25. Also will need generators, industrial drills/auger bits, chainsaws, etc..
6) Time schedule at this point is:
- August 29 – Sept. 16 (3 weeks) – Secure all obstacles and move to location
- September 15/16 – Final approval from Wildrose MX
- September 23/24/25 (Fri/Sat/Sun) – Endurocross Track Build
Anyone with comments, suggestions, obstacles to offer, or manpower please feel free to contact me at the numbers below. Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you!
Regards, Shane Cuthbertson
Phone: (403) 880-4108