Saturday, August 20, 2011

Endurocross Track Build Planned for Wildrose MX Park – Calgary

Shane Cuthbertson Sent us some info on the project he is working on. Shane wants to get everyone on board from all organizations and clubs so get your opinion and let Shane know what you can do for the cause!
NOTICE – Endurocross Track Build Planned for Wildrose MX Park – Calgary

Recently, I have been in discussions with Wildrose MX about creating an Endurocross Track at their facility in the near future.  Currently, there is sufficient space in the trials park area to accommodate the track and the association will be voting on the track creation during next board meeting to be held September 15, 2011.  By all accounts the outlook is quite positive as there are very few hurdles to overcome and the association appears to be keen on the idea.

In the mean time, they have given me approval to start moving the necessary obstacles into the park as this is a challenge in itself.  Hence this request for help, as I am trying to obtain the items detailed below and then find a way to move them into the park.  I would like to have this complete by September 15 in order to have the track built late September and then have a few months use until the snow flies.

If anyone is interested, has access or knows where to obtain the following items, and/or is able to provide equipment for hauling or the build, please contact me by phone or e-mail at the numbers listed below.  Thanks in advance for your support in this project.  I believe we can make a great track at this facility and it will offer us off-road types another place to play and maybe help create more interest in our sport!

Obstacles required:

-       Power Poles (for track boundaries). Qty required approximately 30-40.
-       Large Logs (at least 10 feet in length and minimum 12” diameter). Qty required approximately 15-20.
-       Small Logs (at least 10 feet in length and below 12” diameter). Qty required approximately 30-40.
-       Fire Pit Wood (enough to cover 50 foot fire pit obstacle).  Round, half cut, or quarter cut will work.
-       Large Truck Tires (at least 6 foot diameter).  Qty required approximately 10-15.
-       Large Rocks.  Preferably not sandstone although I will take this if nothing else available.  Looking for something to make Rock Garden approximately 100 foot long or several smaller sections
-       Small Rocks. Sized the same as river rock again to make Rock Garden but generally used in a 180 degree turn
-       Any other obstacle which a crazy dirt biker might like to ride over.  Remember is needs to be bullet proof as I am not into fixing things nor do I want to be responsible for it
-       Water pit.  I would love to make a water pit that is durable.  Not sure if we could do something that could be moved if need be?
-       Rebar or sucker rod required to secure obstacles.  Generally I find 1.5 - 2 foot lengths work great.

That’s about it for now.  Obviously when the time comes to build more fastening supplies, generators, industrial tools, bobcats, heavy equipment will be required, but for now just trying to accomplish Step 01.  If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to fire them my way. 

Shane Cuthbertson
Phone: (403) 880-4108