Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mclean Creek - Fisher Frolic - Something New

The Mclean Creek Fisher Frolic is in the stages of planning and Flagging! Course builder Mitch Brown is taking a newer approach of making the course a bit longer this year to prevent any trail damage or erosion that may happen from the traffic of this popular race. It is the last one of the season for all of Alberta!

"This year the course is going to test all of your skills, the choice to make it longer was mainly due to trail damage with 100+ riders over two hours, but also to show riders more of McLeans trails. And yes Ive read the rule book, and it says, Cross Country - Short Course, I intend to do just that. I have also added some newer "Special Test" sections for the Intermediates, Experts & Pros which will have a 2nd check at the end for them".

Mitch says to expect a 20-25KM loop with NO gas checks for the main CMA. It is a technical yet fun course with many breaks along the way, however he expects midpack novice riders to do 1-2 laps.


  • 25KM
  • 11AM START
  • Special MANDATORY Test section for Inter/Exp/PRO
  • Technical with sizable climbs and downhills
  • No Gas Check (Bail out Point at 1/3 Marker)
  • Lower Levels will have some difficulty on hill climbs
  • Small Wheel (125ttr & CR150) will have problems.

Additionally this year Mitch is going to have Kilometer marker signs along the way so you can pace yourself & identify spots during the course for bench racing and as precautionary as there are no parade laps.

With the CMA license at a lower rate and riding season coming to a end as soon as the snow flys, Mitch hopes the attendance of Mclean will be as good as in 2010.

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