Friday, September 30, 2011

Bond-a-fide Endurocross track

Well – we did it!  Calgary now has a bond-a-fide endurocross track suitable for all you off-road enthusiasts to enjoy when you just cannot find the time for a trail ride but still need your fix of rocks, logs, and technical challenges!

Thanks again to all those who helped me organize various aspects, donated time, supplies, equipment, and your enthusiasm!  This would not have happened without you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RMDRA Autumn 2011 Newsletter

Check out the little machine that did in the 2011 Autumn issue of the RMDRA newsletter Aaron Bauer did some amazing work at Mclean Creek Fisher South on the infamous Barwell Switchbacks, Check out this issue to read more about the work that was done!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SGC Trials Demo at Bluegrass Nursery's 8th Annual Pumpkin Festival Oct.8th

Hi Everyone!

Bring out the kids to enjoy the Bluegrass Nursery 8th Annual Pumpkin Festival

Looking for 12 young SGC club riders that would like to ride in the demonstration.  Need the quieter types like PW50, Honda 50's & 70's.  You can dress up bike and yourself.   Fall, hero or Halloween costume if you like so long as it is safe to wear on motorcycle.
Admission is a donation to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Blue Grass will also donate 10% of the days sales to the foundation.
Events and Activities:
• Giant Pumpkin

Sunday, September 25, 2011

EnduroCross at Wildrose MX Park

Endurocross is in full swing in Calgary, All thanks to Shane Cuthbertson and the massive team he created to make it possible.Check the photos!

At the Trials park at the Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary, Over 20 racers, volunteers, riders and more made what seemed like almost impossible in less than a month. Calgary is now home to an amazing facility that has its very own Endurocross course!! Please thank Shane Cuthbertson and the Wild Rose MX Park for making this possible!!! A massive list of sponsors and supporters is coming your way!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wildrose Endurocross Park Sneak Peak

Check out photos from Day 1 of the Build at the Wildrose MX Park, organized by Shane Cuthbertson. This park is designed to test your abilities and provide another venue for future races in Calgary!

HUGE thanks to all the support from countless individuals who supplied welding trucks, bobcats, gravel trucks, materials, food, support and more! We will have a list posted soon of those who continue to support!

Check out the Photos Now!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Turkey Scrambles Oct 23rd

Turkey Scrambles Oct 23rd

Written by dustin on September 15th, 2011
The Annual Turkey Scrambles is back!  The Turkey Scrambles is the oldest WRMA event, the final on track event for the year and is the only off road event held at the park.  This year it will be held Sunday October 23rd.  The Turkey Scrambles is a 2 hour mega moto held on an off road course that covers the entire park.  Riders on 85cc and up of all skill levels are welcome to enter but very beginner riders may find the course difficult.  This is a fun event so there is no lap scoring.

CEC race review by Matt Coonfer and Jason Schrage CEC recap of Eastern rounds by Jason Schrage Pro

Second Gear Club is very proud of our Western riders that were always on the podium!  OH Yeah!  CEC recap by Matt Coonfer, Amateur B Champion

Monday, September 19, 2011


Stephen Foord - Expert
Great day at Blackfoot for the Sep.18th CMA Wildrose Trial with course master Stephen Foord. 
First 2 sections were deceivingly difficult.  Really, how hard could some off camber turns be on a couple of dirt hills, hmmm, well Ray and Steve definitely tested our skills.   Luckily by round 2 everyone was flowing through the obstacles.
Foordy and Shane were battling out in the Expert class.  There were some very challenging lines laid out for this class even for the course master…or did Ray setup the Expert sections…hmmm.  Regardless, Stephen finished 1st with 20pts, followed by Shane 2nd with 48pts.  Just check out the photos Charla took, you’ll see what I mean.
Rob Healy finished his day with 88pts and 1st in the Advanced class, unfortunately buddy Doug Doel was unable to attend to push Rob.

Colour SGC's Race Mascots!

The Second Gear Club has released its colouring books for the mascots! We want all kids (young and old!) to colour our race mascots friends and bring them to our End Year Banquet (Nov 5th) For a show and Shine, win some prizes, and decorate our event! Won't make it for the night? Email, fax or snail mail it to us and we will show it off to the world!

Find the Colouring Friends HERE!

Many thanks to Heather Wall at WDS Designs for making these logos for us!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wild Rose MX Board Approves Construction of Endurocross Track

Great news everyone – Wild Rose MX board has officially approved the construction of the Endurocross Track!

 I want to thank all those enthusiastic people whom have offered help so far with obstacles, course design, and planning!  We are in a great position now for the work party scheduled September 24/25 (Saturday / Sunday).  I have most people’s e-mails on this distribution, however feel free to pass this along to others whom may have some interested.

2011 Fisher Frolic Club Video

Check out this Video Mitch Brown did of the Sunday races with the Pee Wees and youth Racers! Also our galleries at!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coulee Springs MX Ranch 2011 Harescramble

Coulee Springs MX Ranch is thinking of holding a non-points hybrid Hare Scramble Team Race over Oct 15/16 weekend. Saturday would be an open riding day for all family members. Everyone is welcome to join Sunday's race, however entry is limited to riders capable of riding the full course (unfortunately little bikes do not have enough power to ride the main course, but there will be a Pee Wee track for the younger kids both days).

2011 Fisher Frolic Results

Here are the Results from the CMA Races

Unofficial series overall results.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

CMA Fisher Frolic Hare Scramble & Trial OPEN for registration!

Hi folks! Hope you have been enjoying your summer. It's time to get ready for the final hare scramble of the year at McLean Creek (near Bragg Creek). We hope to book a couple more trials events before the snow flies. Note that the hare scramble (also referred to as a Cross Country - Short Course) is starting early on Saturday for the CMA classes (11:00 AM). There is a separate course for the Club Ladies & Club Ladies Advance classes that start at the normal time of 10 AM. Typically, this is one of our tougher events due to the rocky/hilly terrain but has been a favorite for many. Look forward to seeing you all out there! Be sure to register online or send me an email to advise you're planning to attend.

Also, I know that many of you have purchased new trials bikes in the past few months, so we hope to have you out for the trial on

Friday, September 9, 2011

IMPORTANT TRAVEL info to Fisher Frolic

Please note that the Kidney Foundation is hosting their 100km walk this weekend. 
See link for route:
Day 1 (Friday) starts in Millarville to hwy 22x then west to hwy 762.  So if you're driving out tonight, recommend that you come from the north (Bragg Creek) and then use hwy 762 to Millarville (just west of town) to hwy 549 which will take you to race site. Or come from Bragg creek to north entrance of McLean Creek.
Day 2 (Saturday) starts north of Bragg Creek (hwy 8 roundabout intersection) south on hwy 22 to hwy 66/22x intersection and then route continues all along hwy 66 past McLean creek north entrance.  Therefore, you MUST travel from hwy 22x west to the hwy 762 turn off and then travel south to hwy 762 to Millarville (just west of town) to hwy 549 which will take you to race site. DO NOT USE NORTH ENTRANCE INTO MCLEAN CREEK!
Day 3 (Sunday) starts north of Bragg Creek (hwy 8 roundabout intersection) and travels north almost to hwy 1, then turns east into Springbank area.  Guessing that by sunday afternoon, the marchers will be off of hwy 22, so don't expect any hangups on Sunday.

RIDERS:  Tentative Saturday Start time is 10:00AM for Club Ladies, 11:00AM for CMA, 2:30PM Sportsman/CMA Mini Senior. Sunday start time is 10:00 AM for kids, 11:00AM for trial.  Judge your travelling time appropriately!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

West meets the East this weekend in Quebec

Scott Coonfer, Matt Coonfer, Lexi Pechout flying to Montreal
Wishing all of our Western riders the best of luck as they race the East in Quebec this weekend for rounds 5 & 6 of the Canadian CEC Enduro Series.  We haven't confirmed exactly who all is attending, but Second Gear Club riders include Jason Schrage, Ben Rego, Cole Dobovich, Matt Coonfer, Lexi Pechout, and Amber Giroux.  Other Western racers include Bobby Prochnav, Chantelle Bykerk, Tyler Murray, Victoria Hett, Jack Sawatsky, and Ryan Gruffunder.  There is at least another 10 riders from the west. A great turn out for certain.

Wild Rose Endurocross Layout Revealed!

Hey All,

Endurocross track planning is coming along and we are definitely on schedule for September 24/25/26 build.

I have attached the Track Layout just to get you excited!  If anyone has any comments, concerns, suggestions let me know.