Friday, September 30, 2011

Bond-a-fide Endurocross track

Well – we did it!  Calgary now has a bond-a-fide endurocross track suitable for all you off-road enthusiasts to enjoy when you just cannot find the time for a trail ride but still need your fix of rocks, logs, and technical challenges!

Thanks again to all those who helped me organize various aspects, donated time, supplies, equipment, and your enthusiasm!  This would not have happened without you!

I have a few loose ends to clean up and am aiming to make the following happen in the next few weeks:

1)       Judging by the silt we kicked up during our work weekend, it is inevitable that we will have a dust problem in the area.  This was a major concern of the WRMA, so I think we should take the initiative to provide our own water system in the area.  I am thinking something simple like a 500 gallon tank/stand, small pump, and 150’ hose will do the trick.  The track will fill the tank and anyone can water the area as required.  So please let me know if any of you might know where to pick up this equipment either donated, or for a reasonable price, or if you would like to sponsor this initiative.

2)       Still need roughly 10 power poles (25-30’ long) to finish bordering the lanes, so anyone that has a line on these and can transport, please let me know.  Alternatively, I still have access to additional power poles; however they will cost around $200 to obtain.

3)       Looking for supplies to make our own bark buster section!  We are planning to auger holes and insert logs, poles, fence posts to make our own tight tree section.  Logs, poles, fence posts need to be roughly 10’ length.

4)       I am looking for small donations to cover the $400 cost incurred for the initial batch of power poles.  To date I have $120 donated to cover those costs.

5)       Julian Cerny and I have embarked on an initiative to put metal caps over all rebar spiked through logs.  These are working their way out and pose a significant safety concern.  So if any of you are there and notice this in the mean time please take a hammer (located in steel pipe) and drive them back in.

6)       Last but not least is that we could use some arrows to show track direction.  In addition a sign showing the start of each direction indicating Easy / Hard would be great.  Maybe something catchy/durable made from wood/steel.

Thanks again all – see you at the track!

Regards, Shane Cuthbertson
Phone: (403) 880-4108