Monday, September 19, 2011


Stephen Foord - Expert
Great day at Blackfoot for the Sep.18th CMA Wildrose Trial with course master Stephen Foord. 
First 2 sections were deceivingly difficult.  Really, how hard could some off camber turns be on a couple of dirt hills, hmmm, well Ray and Steve definitely tested our skills.   Luckily by round 2 everyone was flowing through the obstacles.
Foordy and Shane were battling out in the Expert class.  There were some very challenging lines laid out for this class even for the course master…or did Ray setup the Expert sections…hmmm.  Regardless, Stephen finished 1st with 20pts, followed by Shane 2nd with 48pts.  Just check out the photos Charla took, you’ll see what I mean.
Rob Healy finished his day with 88pts and 1st in the Advanced class, unfortunately buddy Doug Doel was unable to attend to push Rob.

Doug Harrish on Honda, Vintage class

Nice to have new rider in the Intermediate class.  Young Max Jones rode smoothly to 1st place with 12pts, followed by first time competitor, Jordan Reed who was fortunate to share Jeff Molloy’s GasGas, finished 2nd with 23pts, Shane Sugden close behind finished 3rd with 26pts.  Aaron Brassard has too much fun and giggled his way to 4th place.
Junior class was down on entries but it only takes two to have a race.  Guy Tomlinson, did indeed race his way to 1st place with 54pts and then rushed off for celebrations of the final day of Race City. Jeff Molloy, riding with the Intermediate group, finished 2nd with 78pts.
Supervet rider, Andy Whaley all the way from Medicine Hat showed off some brilliant lines on his Scorpa and finished 1st with 79pts.
Great to see full vintage class.  Doug Harrish finished 1st with 17pts followed closesly by Mark O’Neill in 2nd with 21pts and Dave Sugden in 3rd place with 123pts.  Good to see you back riding Dave after an unfortunate spill this spring.

Chase Cuthbertson, Youth

Last but certainly not least despite their size, the Youth class showed 3 youngsters battling it out.  Chase Cuthbertson on his electric trials bike finished 1st with 28pts, with Roy Dibben in 2nd with 29pts riding his KTM 50, yes folks, a dirtbike, then Kale Cuthbertson with a close 3rd with 34pts, sharing his big brothers bike.
We want to encourage kids to come out and try trials.  We really had a great time and want to see more youngsters joining us.  We don’t care if you ride a trials bike or a dirtbike, you’ll have fun regardless!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS WITH NEXT TRIAL OCT.2ND at the same location (Wildrose MX Park) but with some new sections after Sep.24-25 Endurocross track building bee sets out some new obstacles for the trials crowd to use.  Then if the snow doesn’t start to fly, we hope to finish the season at the Oct. 16th Trial.  Location TBC.

First time competitor, Kale Cuthbertson
EXPERT – 1st Stephen Foord, 2nd Shane Cutherbertson
ADVANCED – 1st Rob Healy
INTERMEDIATE – 1st Max Jones, 2nd Jordan Strachan-Reed, 3rd Shane Sugden, 4th Aaron Brassard
JUNIOR – 1st Guy Tomlinson, 2nd Jeff Molloy
SUPERVET – 1st Andy Whaley
VINTAGE – 1st Doug Harrish, 2nd Mark O’Neill, 3rd Dave Sugden
YOUTH – 1st Chase Cuthbertson, 2nd Roy Dibben, 3rd Kale Cuthbertson


Shane Cuthbertson, Expert

EXPERT – 1st Stephen Foord, 2nd Shane Cutherbertson
ADVANCED – 1st Rob Healy
INTERMEDIATE – 1st Max Jones, 2nd Shane Sugden, 3rd Greg Schaaf, 4th Mitchel Langel, 5th Aaron Brassard
JUNIOR – 1st Wyatt Hart, 2nd Alan Denis, 3rd Trystan Hart, 4th Alan Brands, 5th Rob Norton,  6th Chase Randell, 7th James Wilfley, 8th Guy Tomlinson, 9th Jeff Molloy, 10th Scott Graham
SUPERVET – 1st Dale Grabinsky, 2nd Andy Whaley
VINTAGE – 1st Mark O’Neill, 3rd Dave Sugden
YOUTH – 1st Chase Cuthbertson