Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wild Rose MX Board Approves Construction of Endurocross Track

Great news everyone – Wild Rose MX board has officially approved the construction of the Endurocross Track!

 I want to thank all those enthusiastic people whom have offered help so far with obstacles, course design, and planning!  We are in a great position now for the work party scheduled September 24/25 (Saturday / Sunday).  I have most people’s e-mails on this distribution, however feel free to pass this along to others whom may have some interested.

So a couple things left to square away:

Ø       Powerpoles – Several volunteers have been trying to secure these however the power/utility companies seem to be taking there time answering back…  We are at a stage now where we cannot wait any longer and need to make something happen!  I feel these are crucial components of the track as Blackfoot has requested a more ‘professional’ appearance to the track and I really feel they are key to separate track lanes/help secure the large single logs and define track boundaries.  I currently have two main leads I am exercising, however my best option so far is the following:

                  1) I have located about 80 poles belonging to an old farmer whom lives near my residence (15km west of Airdrie).  I met with him this week and he                   seems willing to get rid of them.  Unfortunately, he does not want to give them away and requested $25/pole.  I require 40-50 poles (~$1000),                               however I feel he would accept an offer of $500 for what we need.  Only problem is the project is volunteer/donation based therefore we have no                               funding…  So I am looking for monetary donations to cover this.  I am thinking maybe $50 from 9 other interested parties (myself included) would                    cover this and not be a huge burden for those wanting this facility.  Let me know what you think, it you want to make a donation, and if                                 you have a truck/trailer to transport these to the track. 

Ø       Large Truck Tires – We have several there already, however I need 5-6 more large tires (roughly 6-8’ diameter by 2-3’ wide).  No tractor tires please.  Looking for a volunteer to visit a tire shop and transport these to track.

Ø       All other committed obstacles are on the attached list.  Please review it and confirm you will be able to provide what is shown as ‘Committed’.

Ø       Mini-Hoe – I am looking for one to help make some drainage ditches on Friday and maybe help move around obstacle during Sat. / Sun build.  Mike Hand had mentioned he could access one, but I do not know how to contact him?  Any leads for Mikes contact info or if you have a digger available would be appreciated! 

Ø       Work Party – Please reply to this message and let me know if you are interested and when you are available?  I will schedule the rest accordingly.

-          September 24 (Saturday), 9AM to 5PM

-          September 25 (Sunday), 10AM to 2PM

-          Lunch and refreshment will be provided thanks to the Second Gear Club and Cycleworks!

That’ all for now – hope to see you all at the track build or ripping it up in the near future!   

Shane Cuthbertson
Phone: (403) 880-4108