Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct.2nd Wildrose Park Trial Results - Challenging and FUN

Stephen Foord
Oct. 2nd CMA Wildrose Trial Review  

The new Endurocross track at Wildrose MX Park offered new sections for trials fans!
Stephen & Ray marked out a 10 sections from Youth to Expert level.  Everyone was challenged with new rock sections, culverts and really BIG rock sections.  Nothing but adding to an already fun trials area.  

Stephen finished 1st with 9pts, followed by Shane 2nd with 38pts.
Doug & Rob battled in the Advanced class finishing with only 9 point spread.
New 2011 Intermediates were challenged but closely matched with Glen out riding Aaron by 20pts.  But didn't bother Aaron...he just kept on smiling all day.
Great to have some new riders in the Junior class...even a couple girls in the mix.  Jarrett all the way from Grand
New to trials, Brittany Wilson

Prairie learned how trials is scored and is now pumped to set up some trials in his area and have his buddies buy trials bikes too.  Jarrett took first away from Alan by only one point and the girls, Lexi & Brittany had their own battle for 3rd & 4th.  Mark never misses a trial even if he's the only one in the vintage class...he loves the challenges.  Exciting to see are youth stepping up to the bar each event.  Since the last round, Roy went from his 50cc dirtbike to a 175 Gasser and managed to take home first by only ONE point from Chase on his electric OSET.  And now we have a new girl rider in the youth, miss Halle joined us for the day on her OSET too.   These little bikes are becoming very popular!

Roy on his new Gasser 175 - COOL!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS WITH LAST TRIAL OF THE SEASON, OCTOBER 16TH.  We are still confirming location...we are working on some private land, but if that falls through, we are happy to host it at Wildrose MX Park.  The new Endurocross offers MANY new options for trials you won't be bored from riding the same old stuff!

EXPERT – 1st Stephen Foord, 2nd Shane Cutherbertson
ADVANCED – 1st Doug Doel, 2nd Rob Healy
INTERMEDIATE – 1st Glen Kemp, 2nd Aaron Brassard
JUNIOR – 1st Jarrett King, 2nd Alan Brands, 3rd Lexi Pechout, 4th Brittany Wilson

VINTAGE – 1st Mark O’Neill
YOUTH – 1st Roy Dibben, 2nd
Chase Cuthbertson, 3rdHalle Doel