Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SGC Family Ambassadors for Children's Wish Foundation Walk on Oct.16th

Check out Pyykonen family as ambassadors for the Walking To Make Wishes Come True for the Children's Wish Foundation walk that took place Sunday, Oct.16th.  After reading this heart wrenching story, you'd never believe that the story is about OUR Mya, the girl who races quads and finished 3rd overall in the 2011 Second Gear Club Series!  We are so proud of you Mya! Global TV coverage - an amazing interview with Mya's
mom, Jenny Check out the wish that came true for Mya

Here's the speech Jenny made at the walk: 
I want to give you a brief history of how we came to know the Children's Wish Foundation.
When I was 19 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child they told me she had kidney disease and she wouldn't make it to the end of the pregnancy, I had one day to decide to abort. In her ultrasound we noticed her fist right in the air as if saying " I'm a fighter and I'm here".
My daughter Mya was born with Multi Cystic Displastic Kidney Disease, and only had 15% kidney function,  she never lacked in energy, she ate well and grew like a healthy child.
We had our complications but managed our new "normal".
When she was 2 yrs old  she had a routine abdominal ultrasound and we discovered a large cancerous tumour on her liver, she had a 8.5hour surgery that took 1/4 of her liver and her gallbladder. She was incredible!  Chemotherapy decreases kidney function, and with her being only at 15%, we were very scared.
Miraculously she never did receive Chemotherapy.

We had our complications but managed another new "normal".
We had about 5 years of few hospital visits and our new normal. WE started "living" our life and not just surviving. We took our family to Disneyland to celebrate 3 years cancer free and her kidneys still functioning.
In November of 2007 Mya's kidney function dropped to below 10%, it was time to panic.
We started the "match process", she had 5 matches just within our family.
My husband started the work up, but was soon in a car accident that bruised his kidney and was no longer in the running,  I jumped ahead to donate mine. I was honoured, and excited,  I can change her life in one 6hour surgery!
Through many mountains, and about 6 mths later I donated my kidney to my daughter. It was Miraculous and again I  was honoured to give her a new life.  She was phenomenal, 4 days later she had a day pass, and was skipping down the hallways of the hospital! I was a little rough for wear and about 10 days later I got to go home.  We were slowly adapting to yet a new "normal", and at about 1 month after transplant, in a rare case, Mya became Diabetic due to the anti rejection meds. That was a really big kicker! That one took a long time to get used to.
Coming up on our 3 year transplant anniversary, things were somewhat stable and we decided that we needed to inject some fun into our lives and our Social Worker at the Children's Hospital passed our name on to the Children's Wish Foundation.
They called us and told us to spin the globe and pick a wish trip! WHAT?? It was hard to nail just one place down. Can this be real? it was like winning the lottery!
Mya has always been a water lover, and a huge animal lover. With lots of thought she picked to go to Atlantis Bahamas and swim with dolphins.
On March 22nd 2011 we landed in Bahamas. It was surreal. It was right out of the movies! Atlantis was  amazing,  The view, the heat, the rooms, the entire place was made to have fun! and we don't have to pay anything? It's a dream come true!!

Mya & I got to be "trainer for the day" and go behind the scenes at Atlantis, and  interact with Sea Lions and all the other crustations of the island, then swim with Dolphin,s a once in a lifetime experience, and the next day our entire family got to swim with dolphins, another dream come true! We still had 5 more days to have pure fun!!!
To see Mya not have any worries, any anxiety for Medical appointments or blood work, just pure bliss on her face for 7 days and nights straight was our dream come true. To see our other kids just following Mya's lead to try everything the island had to offer, was another dreamy moment for us.
Everything that happens with our family, we carry on and adapt to the new "normal", we didn't  realize how beat down we were from just surviving life, until this was a soul reviver to say the least! We were  back to "not just enduring our life but enjoying our life."
How can you put gratitude to those feelings?
We would not have been able to have this trip without the Children's Wish Foundation, and all the people who donate.
 From our entire souls, THANK YOU!