Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Super Finale to the 2011 CMA Trials Season

2011 Muskeg Trial competitors
Muskeg Trial near Cremona was well received by competitors.  New area offered loads of natural terrain obstacles. 

Rob Healy, 2011 Advanced Champion
After securing 2011 Advanced Championship, Rob Healy stepped up to the Expert class against 2011 Champ, Stephen Foord.  Intermediate class was super close with points.  Only 4 point spread between Max and Mark and a tie for 3rd between Glen and Aaron.  Pressure was certainly on in this class.  Junior also closely matched with host, Rob Norton taking first with Lexi and Jeff close behind.  Whether dirtbikes or trials bikes, these 3 are always battling....that is the fun of competition.  SuperVet class saw host, Dale out front ahead of Ken, who recovering from an arm injury, just couldn't stay away for yet another trial.  Well, now you can rest that arm during the winter and be ready for the 2012 season!  


1st - Stephen Foord 17pts
2nd - Rob Healy 50pts

Stephen Foord, 2011 Expert Champion
Lexi Pechout, Junior

Dale Grabinsky, SuperVet
1st - Max Jones 40pts
2nd - Mark O'Neill 44pts
3rd - Glen Kemp 61pts with 3 cleans
4th - Aaron Brassard 61pts with 0 cleans

1st - Rob Norton 40pts
2nd - Lexi Pechout 57pts
3rd - Jeff Molloy 65pts

1st - Dale Grabinsky 31pts
2nd - Ken Knight 40pts