Friday, February 3, 2012

FEB. 5th SYLVAN Lake ice race POSTPONED to March 11, 2012

We thought we might be able to run Sylvan but instead we have POSTPONED until Mar.11th.
So enjoy a weekend of Super Bowl or Lethbridge Arenacross or a day of practice to get ready for our first Oval National and first ever Sprint Provincial Feb.12 at Cow Lake south of Rocky Mountain House.  Don't miss out!  Best map is by checking out Grandview Stage has some rooms available, a gas station and restaurant and is only a couple kms away from race site.  Spread the word. Fortunately, the weather is cooling down and the rest of the season looks a bit more predictable!  

For those of you that have been to the Cow Lake races in the past, note that we will be using a different entrance this year.  South of Grandview Stage to Cow Lake campsite (west) entrance.  In years past we used the north entrance which has an unpassable heave at the shoreline, thus we are now using the west entrance.  Spread the word.  See you all out there! I'll make sure that PRE-REGISTRATION is up and running by tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Spectators/Racers:  Everyone pays $5 entry free (Kids 12 & Under are FREE).  Wildrose Hot Concession will be onsite at 10:00.  There is also an FM transmitter that allows you to listen to announcing through your radio.  As we will likely be low on spectators due to last minute relocation, please support our concession.  This is their first race with our club and they are travelling all the way from Calgary....we don't want to lose them, so please support them!