Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thin ice reschedules 2012 Opener

Thin ice reschedules race

***Jan.15   Chestermere  Lake  CANCELLED
Jan.29   Gull Lake, Rimbey***

By Chris Simnett — Reporter
Airdrie Echo

Posted 8 hours ago
The oval ice races for motorcycles, sidecars and quads scheduled for Jan. 15 at Chestermere Lake have been postponed due to thin ice caused by the recent warm weather.
The races are rescheduled for 11 a.m. on Jan. 29 at Chestermere Lake and could be held at Gull Lake in Central Alberta if the warm weather persists.
"It's just not safe for us to race," says Rhonda Pechout, event coordinator for the Second Gear Motorcycle Club.
There is eight inches of ice on the lake right now and 18 inches is needed to race.
"We just have to hope for colder weather so we can get more ice at Chestermere," says Pechout. "We need -20 C to get one inch of ice per day. If we can get some cold weather it will push ice down quickly."
Many of the local racers have been practicing at the Ghost Reservoir and are rarin' to go on the 29th. The Ghost reservoir can't be used for racing because there are turbines under the water and the ice often separates from the shoreline creating potentially hazardous conditions.
Airdrie racers scheduled to compete in the Jan. 29 event include Mitch Brown (Expert - motorcycle), Monty Brown (Expert & Veteran Champion - motorcycle and sidecar), Mike Hand (new motorcycle racer), Billy Ling (Expert champion - quad), Bill Mackie (Expert champion - quad), Danny Hewitt (Expert Champion - motorcycle), Brittany Wilson (Women's - motorcycle) and Patrick Marques (Expert - motorcycle).