Friday, January 27, 2012

West Bragg Creek Clear Cut!

SRD and Spray Lakes Saw Mills intend to clear cut log much of the West Bragg Creek trail system this summer as fire mitigation. The map on the link provided below shows that over 25 km of pristine trails will be impacted. There are other fabulous mountain bike trails through this area that are not on the map. All of it will be either wiped out completely or restored to what Spray Lakes defines as “functional”, which we all know means a water eroded clay track through a clear cut.

The effort to save West Bragg is getting well mobilized and it includes many quality organizations and connected people. This is an opportunity to push back at SRD, Spray Lakes and their logging practices in Kananaskis. If we win this one, we will have a solid precedent and can demand better mitigation measures in other back country and OHV areas.

Spray Lakes is holding an information open house at the Bragg Creek Community Centre January 26 from 3 pm to 7 pm. By holding it early afternoon, Spray Lakes is hoping many people will not attend. It’s our mission to prove otherwise. There is more information available at

Please spread the word and attend the open house. Many thanks for your support.

Dean Cockshutt (403) 949-2160