Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4, 2012 Lac La Biche National Oval Ice Race

March 4, 2012 Lac La Biche National Oval Ice Race

The Classic Wheels club in Lac La Biche has once again welcomed the Second Gear Club to be part of the Winter Festival of Speed March 3-4, 2012.  This crew always treats us right with lots of action to watch and a FREE supper for all participants Saturday and Sunday. 

Unofficial Overall Results for the past 3 events.  This is the race to make up some points!  It is truly worth the drive up.

Here’s a quick summary of events for the weekend:

Car Racing (Western Canadian Ice Race Championship) 11AM – 5PM (Saturday)
IceDrags (snowmobile) noon (Saturday)
Lac la Bishe Ice Fly-In 9AM-5PM (Saturday & Sunday)
SnowDrags (snowmobile) Noon (Sunday)
Oval Ice Race (motorcycles) 11AM (Sunday)
Charity Race:  Where the racers give up their cars to amateur drivers and race for bragging rights.  All proceeds are given to specific local charities.  If you are interested in participating, contact Ken Staples at 780-404-3183.  Number of entries are limited.
Media Challenge:  Where members of the media challenge each other in race cars…...again for bragging rights
Kid’s Winter Carnival:  An indoor place where kids can do crafts, art, and many other fun things during the day.

Be sure to check out this race information as the location of event and awards has changed from past years:
  1. Tracks will not be at their usual place in front of the town, but will be near the Lac La Biche Mission about 10 minutes north west of town as there is a huge ice ridge at the usual location. This new location is easy to get to from Lac La Biche town site. This new location will have different locations to enter the ice (from the ice-road entrance that crosses to 'Poplar Point' – will be cool to be on a genuine "ice-road". We will be exiting from a boat launch just west of this location which will be well marked.
  2. Our after event awards and meal location has changed to the Town's new multi-event facility, the Bold Centre, which is located not too far from our previous location We will be using the 'Devon room' for our event. There is plenty of paved parking at this location.
Look forward to seeing you all up at Lac La Biche!