Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 - Wildrose EX Track Clean-Up/Completion - March 25th (Sunday)

Alright, weather looks like it will cooperate for Sunday, so we are a good to go!

1) Got a skidsteer and some volunteers to help.  Hopefully got rocks, rebar caps, log bracing, signs, etc.

2) Just want those who are planning on coming out to bring the following if you have access to any of the items:

-       Shovels (general clean up)
-       Racks (general clean up)
-       sledge hammer (Pounding rebar back)
-       chainsaw (Cut up 2 trees fallen during track build for fire wood pit)
-       axe and strong man/energetic teenager (split large logs for fire wood pit)
-       or log splitter
-       generator c/w extension cord (to install rebar caps / bracing with lag bolts)
-       Impact gun (to install rebar caps / bracing with lag bolts)
-       Cordless Drill / Electric Drill (heavy duty preferred)

3) Still looking for obstacles to finish last straight away.  Had a few cars/buses offered and although that would be cool, WRMA has asked not to use these items as it looks trashing and could attract vandals.

4) So if anyone has a line on big tires (No tractor tires), culverts, logs, or anything else unique let me know.  If you can arrange transport then even better, if not someone will be able to help but you need to let me know.  Otherwise it will need to done at later date (unfortunately I have not been able to put much time into this)

5) That’s it, hoping to start 10AM sharp – finish by 2PM.  Bring your own lunch and bike to ride after – park is open until 6PM! 

Shane Cuthbertson
Phone: (403) 880-4108