Friday, March 9, 2012

March 11 2012 Sylvan Lake OVAL ice race is ON!

March 11 2012 Sylvan Lake OVAL ice race is ON!

This is the final round for the CMA Alberta Oval Ice Championship.  Many of our riders are very close in points, some within one point of the Championship.  This will be full throttle racing!
Sylvan Lake has always been a popular event for the spectators and looks like we have lucked out with lots of ice, lots of snow and warm temperatures to bring out everyone.  I expect to see many lawn chairs firmly positioned in snow banks! 

Come on out and enjoy a great day of racing and cheering on your favorite racers!  Stu McColl (Race City) will be announcing for us....he never misses a thing on the track!  You can hear his announcing through FM radio station which will be announced on race day.

Wildrose Concession has kindly volunteered their time and profits for our club in order to offer coffee and breakfast sandwiches and switching to more goodies for the afternoon.  Their sausages are awesome!

Watch for #7 Kelly MacAulay of Turple Bros. that is currently in 2nd overall in the ATV 500 & Under class...she is only 3 points behind Red Deer racer, #11 Mike Elson.  In the ATV Expert classes points for 2nd & 3rd will be the battle to watch for with #13 Tyler Duchnych(Lac La Biche), #10 Justin Slaunwhite (Red Deer) and #17 Chad Adams (Sylvan Lake).  These races will have you on the edge watching. 

Real fun is watching the nonstudded ATV classes....don't take your eyes off the track as there is normally a few donuts and spin outs in the corners.  #122 Dayne Lorentzen and #904 Jon Yarwood of the Rocky area are only 3 points apart and one wants the title as much as the next one....the two wheeled drive class is a big class, so you will surely see action at any point of the track.  In the Four-wheeled class #08 Laurie Anne Benko (organizer from Innisfail) continues to battle with #168 Bobby Newbury of Rocky for 1st and 2nd. 

Yes, we have UTV (side x sides) racing this weekend!  The regulars are from Rocky Mountain House and SGC organizer Randy Moore is racing for top spot in the studded class.  If you want to see big smiles, make sure you catch the looks on the drivers and co-pilots of the non-studded UTV racers!  OMG!  FUN! 

You have to know what you are doing to race in the sidecar class and the Baumann sisters #12 definitely do.  They are battling to hold their first place position against #828 Steve Patriquin & Sam Hamm. 

The motorcycle classes are full of action as well.  In the Expert class you have veteran racers like past Ironman #9 Monty Brown & #333 Scott Coonfer with young Experts #119 Riley Stormoen and #109/#33 Matt Coonfer (2011 Rookie of the Year).  #175 Yvo Schmucki currently holds first place Veteran 39+, but the battle will be for 2nd & 3rd on Sunday.  #19 Darin Deep and Yvo are normally holeshotting the start, but who can last 6's hard work out there!  This weekend you will also see battles between father and son.  Monty Brown is currently one point ahead of son #69 Mitchell. Mitchell in the Open Expert class is battling for 2nd position close and I mean CLOSE behind Matt Coonfer.  Then in the 450 Expert class Riley and Matt with only one point appart for the Championship.  If you want to see close racing...don't miss this class.

Not only do we have Veteran racers, but also Veteran bikes.  John Simms is current Champ in the Vintage Open class on his #77 Yammy, but the rest of the class is old CanAm' that surely brings back memories of when ice racing began in the '70's...oh yeah!

In the Intermediate classes, there will be battles between #109 Scott Durocher and #9 or #151 Lexi Pechout, #15 Sam Hamm and #54 Shelby Coonfer.  Any one of them could take home the win in any of the 3 classes.

It's hard to even call this the Novice class as these top Novices are racing bar to bar with Intermediates in other classes.  In the Open Novice class, there will be a battle for 2nd overall between #9 Laurie Anne Benko and #78 Mike Bakken, currently one point appart.  In 450 Novice, #175 Karly Nagel and #78 Mike Bakken, in 250 Novice, #78 Hans Bergesen of Bentley doesn't even have to race to hold his Championship, but you know he will as he loves his new Husky. 

The two-stroke and four-stroke classes are high action as multiple ability levels race together.  Watch as the Intermediates tuck in behind the experts to see if they can learn some tricks to get ahead.

There may only be 5 this year (last year we had 16 women), but these ladies offer as much entertainment as any class.  Each heat the positions change and they race all 6 laps in a tight group.... each and every one of them want to win....they don't care how many points they have, they just have to be out front!  Take a deep breath, as you won't be able to breathe the entire 6 laps watching them.

Directions from Red Deer: hwy 2 to Red Deer, west on 11 (Rocky Mountain House exit). At 50th Street, turn north (hwy 781) and follow past A&W to Lake Shore Drive intersection, turn right (north) and then turn left at first entrance onto ice (the Pier).

Directions from Edmonton:  South on Hwy 2, turn West onto Hwy11A (Sylvan Lake turnoff), travel through the roundabout (hwy 20 turn off) and continue as road turns into Lake Shore Drive that follows along the beach to the Pier Entrance (across from A&W and just before Chateau Suites)

See you all at the race!  Racing starts at 11:00 AM.  $5/person, Kids 12 & Under Free.  Fee applies to participants and spectators. 

Awards will be at the Sylvan Lake Family and Community Centre on 48th Avenue.