Friday, March 16, 2012

Need Volunteers for Endurocross Track Maintenance at Blackfoot March 25th.

Spring is here and the track is open!  EX Track is a bit wet as of Tuesday March 13th, but expected to be dry by this weekend!

So, I am looking to touch up a few things from last year and complete a small section early enough so we can just ride and be safe.  Next weekend Sunday March 25th is supposed to be nice and before everyone gets going too far for easter, would be great to have a small work party from 10-2PM to fix things up. 

The following is on my list:
1)       Install Warning Signs / Directional Details – to supply
2)       Refill Firewood Pit after some punks/bums stole half of it.  There are two trees which we dozed that can be cut and then maybe a truck load to fill her up.
3)       Rock Garden extention – MRSI suggested the rocks are too easy and the rock garden needs to be lengthened!  I’m game so hoping for another load or two from my buddy Monty.
4)       Capping of Rebar inserts.  This worries me the most as rebar stakes are working loose and protruding past logs.  Major safety concern if someone falls, so working with Dura Stainless (Julien) to make some caps.  Unless anyone has better suggestion, cause Julien can be tough to nail down?
5)       Bracing of zig-zag logs.  Again going to take ingenuity – Julien willing to make braces but a matter of getting done.  SO any suggestions/volunteers would be great.
6)       Removal of North Fence between Rock Waterfall and Log Double.  Already broken and worried someone will impale themselves...
7)       Completion of .  We have 75 feet to complete on track.  I pretty much had my say designing original course, however would like to let someone else give the final obstacle a shot.  Something unique would be awesome, so provide your ideas, I will summarize and then maybe we will vote on it, or if it is big and can be jumped then it will get automatic clearance from yours truly!

That’s it, so reply to me if you are free/interested in helping.  I need maybe 10 guys/girls and 1 skid steer.
Also, reply if you have or are willing to help with supplies (Firewood, Rock – Monty, Rebar Caps, Log Braces, Last Obstacle)
Last but not least send me your ideas for our final obstacle.
Track will be seeing some heavy use next two months, as several of us are prepping for Las Vegas EX and lots of spring fever out there!
PS – Forward onto anyone that might be interested.  We had awesome turnout last year and I might not have all the contact information for those that helped.
Regards, Shane Cuthbertson
Phone: (403) 880-4108