Friday, May 25, 2012

Jordan Strachan-Reed off to ErzbergRodeo for the experience of a lifetime

Second Gear Club member and racer, Jordan Strachan-Reed of Calgary will be heading off shortly to compete at the 2012 ErzbergRodeo in Austria.  We wish him all the best and to have fun at one of the most extreme events in the world!

Jordan was part of the team that competed in the Las Vegas Endurocross a couple of weeks ago.  Read his rather comical recap proving that racing is as much about the mind as it is about talent.  I'm certain he will pull it all together over the next few years, so keep an eye on this young racer!

2012 Las Vegas GEICO EnduroCross Recap

Jordan Strachan-Reed

     Coming into the Las Vegas EnduroCross I had zero expectations for myself to win, qualify, or even finish; I was simply there to measure up to the top guys and see exactly where I was in the sport and how much more work it would take me to get to where I wanted to be in my racing career. The trip down was super long (20 hours and over 2,000kms), but my pal Lexi and I made it fly by pretty quick.  When Lexi wasn't sleeping we played cards, talked about
May, 2012
bikes, tires, sponsors, dirt, races, racing conditions, racing rules, and pretty much bugged Siggi and Foordy; that being said, Lexi slept for about 99.9% of the trip so we fit those conversations in during lunch, breakfast, and the odd time she would wake up when we hit a big enough bump in the road that led to her hitting her head on one of the bike pegs. Once we arrived in Vegas, I pretty much signed up and ran to the pool!  It was 37C and climbing when we arrived, so me and the boys (Isaak, and Kris) got our tan on to look our best lining up to the gate.

     My first qualifier didn't go to well, I pulled in without goggles (I never said I was smart) and they made me go back out and find goggles while my competition rode the course and put in some good laps; I got back with two laps left so I did what I could.  Unfortunately I let my mind get in the way, and pretty much gooned out on every corner, and every log, it wasn't pretty. I finished 8th, and that meant I got 8th gate pick for the timed lap. Going back to the trailer to fix my brain, and grabbing a quick disk brake from the KTM guys, I headed off to my 2nd qualifier to determine what gate I was getting for the LCQ in order to make the night show. Having 8th pick I didn't have the best gate but thanks to the KTM 350 SXF, and a super sick GoldenTyre, I pulled out with the holeshot, leading the pack till about the downhill rock section where I was squided out of the corner and jammed back with my fellow rider Kris, and about 5 other riders. That wasn't what I wanted and I let my head get the best of me again, riding with a severe case of whisky throttle, which pretty much made me look like a gorilla on a dirtbike (lesson #1: Whisky throttle doesn't do anything in endurocross).

     Heading back to the trailer once again to fix up my mind, I had a target on that number 1 spot in the LCQ, I wanted it badly too.  I reviewed my whole race, and really assessed every single thing I did wrong except for one thing....MY MIND!!!! So going into the LCQ I pretty much set myself up for failure the moment I lined up at that gate because I "Knew" I had holeshot in the bag and I "Knew" I was going to qualify for main (not so much the case). When the gate dropped I pulled out front again, taking the hole shot, and leading the race, once again this got into my head, and I rode like a goon (Lesson #2: GOON - According to the urban dictionary, goon is a person who clearly is new to motocross and can't ride to save his life). Pulling out 3rd in the LCQ, one more spot and I would have made it to the main, so close, but so very far away.

    Coming out of the arena all sorry for myself, and disappointed I soon realized something; I wouldn't have it any other way, I lost by far, I rode like a goon, and absolutely set myself up for failure trying to keep up to Shane, Taddy, and all the top dudes, but I simply wouldn't have it any other way. I now know what I need to work on thanks to my mentors, Siggi, Foordy, Shane, Kris, Lexi, and Matt; so setting myself up for failure, wasn’t failure at all. It’s never failure, it’s just opportunity; opportunity to go back home, train harder, ride faster, learn deeper, and come back next year and ride better. I learned a lot from everyone down there, and I’m extremely grateful to everyone that helped me get down there, everyone from the fundraiser, my family, and my sponsors, they all played a huge part in this.  Now with a totally new mind set towards racing, I’m heading off to Austria, to the ErzbergRodeo ( ) to ride my dirtbike, with the confidence that I now have knowing if I apply everything I’ve learned from all these great riders, I can finish, and take a serious shot at living my dream.

Thanks to everybody for the support, and be sure to follow me on twitter (@theonlyjordann), and the site to see how I’m holding up in Austria June 7-10, 2012. I’m the only Canadian there this year, so it sure would be nice talking to some other Canuck's down in Austria!!


Jordan Strachan Reed