Friday, September 28, 2012

Club Meeting Tonight at 7:00pm - Remote access available

We are having a meeting tonight at 7:00pm to discuss 2013 schedule and any possible rule changes.  Also a quick review of 2012.  This will be the SGC AGM as well.


  1. 2013 Calendar (motorcycle shows, demos, ice (sprint and oval), trials and hare scrambles
  2. Any rule book changes must be in by Monday, so I would like to review ice bumpers for quads.  Other?
  3. New clubs that want to join series for both Hare Scrambles and Ice
  4. Are we ready to add a cross country to the list of events?
  5. Trials schedule....does it still work to have events same weekend as HS's?  Ideas?  Feedback?
  6. Club class possible time change:  Club Ladies - would it work o.k. if we moved your race to Saturday afternoons at the same time as Sportsman (your own course though).
  7. Media...we really need more articles out in the world.  Who would like to take on some articles and photos...let's team up!
  8. New directors for the club.
  9. Other items/ideas?  Don't be shy.  Let us know what you think would improve our club/events. 
If you want to join the meeting, we'll have pizza and beverages available.  Send me an email and I'll gladly send you address and directions.
If you'd like to sit on the meeting from your home computer, send me an email and I'll send you the link to our broadcast.  You'll be able to 'chat' any questions/comments to the subjects being discussed.  Works well.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

HS3 - CMA Results

Check out results from the Final CMA race of 2012!
This course was endless fun singletrack that kept you on your pegs and brushing your shoulders across trees all race! The new 2.5 Hour Format for Intermediates to pros kept the racing exciting all day!

See who came out on top, some RMDRA crew came out and got in some of the action too!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Race Information

Race Information 
Fall 2012

September 2012

September 22-23 Whispering Pines Hare Scramble and Trial, Ghost Airstrip Waiparous Creek WEST & EAST Campgrounds, Waiparous, AB
  • Round 3 CMA Alberta Provincial Hare Scrambles Series
  • Round 8 CMA Alberta Provincial Trials Series


In short:

Camping at Waiparous Creek WEST and EAST Campgrounds
·         The campsites are lovely but the roads are a bit narrow and curvy in the EAST campground.
·         If you have a big tall rig, please go to WEST side and if you drive through the EAST side, I recommend going into the 2nd loop.  There are a few double sites in both campsites.
·         Be respectful, don’t take up a great big site with your camper just because you got there first.    Both campsites are easy to walk around and are directly across the road from each other.
·         NO camping at Ghost Airstrip (wedding) and NO camping at Waiparous Group Camp (reserved)
·         Waiparous Creek campsites are NOT OHV sites, this means, you can NOT drive your motorcycle out of the campsite despite the numerous trails that are there.
·         WRISTBANDS required – get them from site #53 or registration on Saturday.
·         Register/pay for your campsite immediately after you park
·         Do not carry open alcohol from one campsite to another
·         Dogs must be tied up or on leash in campsite
·         Registration, racing, BBQ and awards at Waiparous Creek Staging Area 1.0km north of campgrounds
·         Registration from 8:00-9:30AM
·         No riding in meadow area (PARKS land), stay on trail that runs through meadow.
·         Warm up area is north of staging area towards gravel pit
·         Port-o-potties at race site
·         Truck your bikes to staging, park and ride from there
·         If you have extra room, please help out your neighbour that may be in a motorhome and could use with help to transport bikes.
·         TRIAL Competition Sunday at 11:30 AM
·         ENJOY THE RACING!  Course is Fun!

Rhonda’s Detailed version:

Area managed by both Forestry and Parks.  Therefore, you may be stopped by a warden at any given time for a host of reasons.  Last year, we had a different Parks warden visit us every single day and they seem to enjoy finding a reason to make us feel as though we do not belong here.  We ask that you abide by their rules and be pleasant at all times.  If they have a concern with you, please ask them to see me first for additional information on event.  Despite the Club filing every possible application and having every single thing in order, Parks personnel sometimes are not aware of our event and will wonder what is going on.  Send them to me.  PLEASE!!!  BE PATIENT AND POLITE….let’s make sure we don’t give them a reason to hassle us and maybe next time they won’t even bother stopping in because we are such an AWESOME GROUP!  I didn’t see them once at the Moose race this year! 

·         While you are picking out a campsite, stop by #53 if you get a chance to pick up a wrist band that identifies you as being part of our event.  This means you and your entire family.  While we have been approved for an Equipment Exemption for Headlights and Taillights for the weekend within the limits of the event course, unless they see wristband, expect to be questioned.  Note that NO ONE is exempt from having registration and insurance.  However, as long as you have a wristband, personnel will recognize that you will have a reason for not showing proof on the spot.  However, they have every right to follow you to your campsite and ask for you to show proof.  They will be especially keen to do so outside of race hours.  So when you’re putting on your number plates, DO NOT FORGET to pack your license plate in the truck before leaving home!  Also, note that if your bikes are loaded, they do NOT have authority to ticket you.
·         It is illegal to carry an open alcoholic drink from one campsite to another. Note that the campground operator understands we are part of the same group and will only enforce if given a reason to do so… e.g. being rowdy.  Parks wardens, not so tolerant and will definitely dump your drink out and if you give them grief, expect a ticket.
·         Dogs are to be tied up or on leash while in the campground.  Road is much closer than at Fallen Timber, wouldn’t want to see any dogs stray off and meet up with traffic.  Note that there are lots of trails and a river right beside the campground, dogs will be in heaven.


·         Waiparous Creek EAST & WEST Campgrounds have been reserved, however there are about 6 campers that reserved before us that will be sharing the sites with us. REGISTER AND PAY IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU PARK.  Red Rock Sawmills is extremely good to us and this will help them out a lot.  They have given us a $5 discount for this weekend and there is lots of fresh firewood.  Please don’t have them chase after you….I WILL CATCH YOU J
·         Registration, Awards and BBQ will be in the Waiparous Creek Staging Area (Whispering Pines Bible Camp road).
·         Parks owns the land from the highway and most of the staging area meadow.  We have permission to park but absolutely no riding around on the meadow until you cross the boundary into Forestry (SRD) lands.


·         Movie Nights Friday and Saturday.  Bring your lawnchair and popcorn. Email Mitch if you have a movie suggestion: So far I have heard rumours of Men in Black III and Spider Man. 
·         If you get a chance, thank Mika, BJ, Dallas, Monty, Mitch for flagging the course.  Sounds like a great course of single track but not as technical as Moose Mountain.  So for those racing in the CMA classes, Pro, Expert, Vet Expert & Intermediate will race on the full 20kms.  CMA Veteran, SuperVet, Legends, Novice, Women, Mini Senior, Club Sportsman/SuperSportsman and Club Youth Expert, will run on a slightly shorter course of 16kms distance.  We will have 2 scanners running and 2 lanes into the check area.
·         Smile for the camera, there will be people on the course taking photos!  If you like to take photos, please do so.  Also, I have a list of a few riders that seem to be dodging the camera this year and will need for windup party!
·         Club Ladies….where did you all go???  The club ladies will race the same course as Youth Novice and Intermediate…this is a short, fun, easy course.  You don’t have to be an adult, just 13+ and a girl!  Come on out and have some fun.  Mom’s, this may be the class for you….show the kids you can race too, they will be soooo proud of you.  Check registration day for start time as we may have to run you after the CMA classes this weekend.
·         Club PeeWee and Youth classes race on Sunday.
·         Come on out and try TRIALS on SUNDAY.  You can use club trials bike or team up with a friend.  OR enjoy watching.  Great for spectators!  Starts at 11:30 AM on Sunday.


Directions from Cochrane (hwy 1A):  West of Cochrane on hwy 1A, turn north on Hwy 40 (Forestry Trunk Road).  Follow Hwy 40 for approx. 35km (only 8km of gravel) until you reach Waiparous Creek Campgrounds.  After you see the 30km speed sign, you are in Waiparous Creek area.  Race site is 1km north of campgrounds.  There are orange/black SGC arrows on the turnoff to the Waiparous Creek Staging Area (Whispering Pines Bible Camp road).
Directions from Cremona (hwy 22):  turn west on hwy 579 to Water Valley, continue through town on hwy 579 (will turn into a gravel road) until you reach the t-intersection of hwy 40 (Forestry Trunk Road).  Note that last 10km of hwy 579 is narrow and windy, so make sure you take your time through this section. Turn south approx. 10km to Waiparous Creek Staging Area.  Another 1km to Waiparous Creek Campgrounds.  NOTE THAT WASHBOARD CONDITIONS NEAR NORTH GHOST TURNOFF.  Drive cautiously.
Directions from Hwy 2 Olds:  From QEII hwy 2, turn west to Olds (hwy 27), stay on hwy and continue past Sundre.  Highway will turn into hwy 584.  Turn left onto Coal Camp Road (watch for brown sign for Mountainaire Lodge).  Follow road (half hardtop/half gravel) to hwy 40 (Forestry Trunk Road), turn left onto hwy 40 and you will cross over a blue bridge that will take you past Mountainaire Lodge (gas station).  Follow south on hwy 40 (approx. 45kms).  You will pass Fallen Timber Campground and the hwy 579 turnoff to Water Valley.  You are close now!.   Continue another 10kms to Waiparous Creek Staging Area.  Another 1km to Waiparous Creek Campgrounds.  NOTE THAT WASHBOARD CONDITIONS NEAR NORTH GHOST TURNOFF.  Drive cautiously.  Don’t recommend this route with big trailers…fine for trucks and smaller units but probably faster to go to Water Valley or Cochrane.
REGISTRATION: 7:30AM-9:30AM onsite for all Saturday classes.  Entry is $45 (CMA Mini Senior only $30), $55 Pro class (Payout info below), Club classes $30.
If you have pre-registered, there will be a separate table for you to sign-in (proof that you are physically at the race) and pay.  If you are pre-registered, it is very quick.  Have your CMA license with you. Arrive early if you need to apply for 2012 CMA Annual Competition License ($40 effective Sep.1/12).

Parade lap 10:00 AM, Race Start 10:30 AM (to be confirmed…may be after CMA race)

CMA SANCTIONED (excl. CMA Mini Senior)
·         RIDERS MEETING: 10:00 AM at staging/registration area
·         PARADE LAP:  10:15AM Optional for Pro/Expert/Intermediate and Vet Expert classes ONLY
·         RACE START 11:30AM
·         A LOOP (2 1/2 hour race) – no parade lap – 20KM – Race order:  Pro/Expert/VetEx/Intermediate
·         B LOOP (2 hour race) – no parade lap – 16KM – Race order: Veteran/SuperVet/Legend,Novice,Women

RACE START: 2:00PM (1 hour race)

BBQ, Prizes & Awards: 4:00PM 

Sunday (Closed-to-Club Series)(competition license NOT required):
REGISTRATION: 8AM-9:30 AM  onsite.
If you have pre-registered, you will need to sign-in (proof that you are physically at the race) and pay.  Kids MUST sign participant waiver, parents will need to sign Parental Waiver.  Trophies to ALL kids.
Entry Fee (Closed-to-Club):  Kids $25
Annual SGMC membership required.  $20/pp or $25/family.  Effective Sep.1/12, fee include 2013 annual membership

Calendar will be posted with times for each class.

Classes include the following starting at 9:45 AM. Be sure to confirm all race times & order at registration.  Multiply courses allows us to run multiple classes at once, CONFIRM schedule on race day!
Pee Wee Expert
Pee Wee Advanced
Pee Wee Quad
Pee Wee (if you have training wheels, this is your class)
Youth Novice, Intermediate
Youth Expert
BBQ, Prizes & Awards: 3:00PM

Trials bike for SALE:   2011 Ossa $6,000.  Call Doug 403-519-9444.
Kids bike for SALE:   2012 Yamaha PW50.  Rode twice...$1,500.  Willing to trade up for Honda 70 or Yamaha 70.  Call Rhonda 403-616-1292.
September 30 Bearspaw Trial, Airdrie, AB
  • Round 9 CMA Alberta Provincial Trials Series
October 2012

October 13 Blue Grass Nursery Pumpkin Festival, Balzac, AB (just south of the Cross Iron Mills mall)
The Second Gear Club has been asked to donate their time to have a trials demonstration during the Pumpkin Festival.  Blue Grass will be donating all profits to Alberta Children's Hospital.  Was an absolute blast last year.  So, here's a call out to all my trials riders AS WELL as all my little ones.  I need a few 50cc bikes (dirt or trials) and their riders to have some fun with us.  Some of our kids have their own small trials bikes too....bring them on out!!!  Those little OSSET's will attract a ton of kids and their parents.  If you want to dress up in the spirit of Halloween, that's awesome too...we did last year and a bunch had their faces painted right at the nursery. 

November 2012

November 3 Second Gear Club Windup and Awards Night
More info to follow but it will be at the Austrian Canadian Club in Calgary
Contact email:
Contact number:  403-616-1292 CEL  Phone or Text Rhonda with any questions