Friday, September 28, 2012

Club Meeting Tonight at 7:00pm - Remote access available

We are having a meeting tonight at 7:00pm to discuss 2013 schedule and any possible rule changes.  Also a quick review of 2012.  This will be the SGC AGM as well.


  1. 2013 Calendar (motorcycle shows, demos, ice (sprint and oval), trials and hare scrambles
  2. Any rule book changes must be in by Monday, so I would like to review ice bumpers for quads.  Other?
  3. New clubs that want to join series for both Hare Scrambles and Ice
  4. Are we ready to add a cross country to the list of events?
  5. Trials schedule....does it still work to have events same weekend as HS's?  Ideas?  Feedback?
  6. Club class possible time change:  Club Ladies - would it work o.k. if we moved your race to Saturday afternoons at the same time as Sportsman (your own course though).
  7. Media...we really need more articles out in the world.  Who would like to take on some articles and photos...let's team up!
  8. New directors for the club.
  9. Other items/ideas?  Don't be shy.  Let us know what you think would improve our club/events. 
If you want to join the meeting, we'll have pizza and beverages available.  Send me an email and I'll gladly send you address and directions.
If you'd like to sit on the meeting from your home computer, send me an email and I'll send you the link to our broadcast.  You'll be able to 'chat' any questions/comments to the subjects being discussed.  Works well.