Saturday, September 8, 2012

CSMX Chris Bonneau Classic Motocross And Team Race

Come check out the Chris Bonneau Classic on Sept.15 and 16th.

Saturday is the Wild Rose MX Super Saturday Round 2 Event!.

Sunday is the Team Race for the Chris Bonneau Memorial Race! This is where we match a pro/intermediate with a Junior/novice rider and teams go head to head to see who can come out on top!

This is a for fun event, we want fair teams, fun racing and some goofy costumes and retro gear to show off!.

Friday & Saturday night we are going to have Moto Movie Nights, Showing 2 Moto Movies! Saturday Evening will have the showing of On Any Sunday, Chris Bonneaus Favorite movie!
We also hope to have a community fire for all to enjoy and pit race around.