Friday, April 12, 2013

April 13th Cornergrass school is POSTPONED, April 14th CMA Trial is CANCELED!

April 13th Cornergrass school Postponed to Apr.20th, April 14th CMA Trial is CANCELED!
Weather report has changed AGAIN for this upcoming weekend. The Cornergrass offroad school, April 13th is POSTPONED, snow on the way for Brooks area tonight. The CMA Alberta Provincial TRIAL competition scheduled for Apr. 14th is CANCELLED!!! due to weather warning of snow Saturday evening and all day Sunday. Sorry folks.

If you were schedule for Saturday, Apr.13th school, please send me an email advising if you are available for Apr.20th school - there will now be a school in Calgary and Patricia, AB, so let me know what works for you or if you need a refund.

Look forward to see the trials crowd in Calgary on Sunday, April 21st.

Majority of offroad schools take place in the don't miss out on a chance to fine tune or brush up on your skills.

Upcoming Trials competitions include April 21st at Wildrose Motocross Association in Calgary, AB.

Upcoming hare scramble April 27-28 at Coulee Springs Motocross Ranch location is northwest of Strathmore, Alberta. Register for event at

Please call Rhonda at 403-616-1292 or email at with questions.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

General Trials Information (Calendar & trials bikes on the market)

2014 Calendar
2014 Observed Trials Schedule
Jun 29  MRSI Challenge HS, Fallen Timber
Jul 20 Wildhorse HS, Sundre
Aug 3 Moose Mountain HS, Fallen Timber

2013 OMTI Trials and Endurocross SCHOOL Schedules

Register at click on EVENTS (page newly updated Apr 7, 2013)
Contact email:
Contact number:  403-616-1292 CEL  Phone or Text Rhonda with any questions
Check out new/changes to classes for 2014.  Competition license application form and more at click on DISCIPLINES and OBSERVED TRIALS for full details.