Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 SGC Race Calendar

2014 CMA/CMRC/WEC Race Calendar (UPDATED March 30, 2014)

Complete listing of offroad races/events.  Be sure to check respective websites for posters and additional information.

RedBulls Rocks & Logs has rescheduled Calgary endurocross to Sep 20-21 weekend.
Chris Bonneau Memorial, Coulee Springs rescheduled date to May 24-25
AMSA (CMRC) XC/HS has changed race day schedule to Adults on Saturday and Kids on Sunday (same as CMA/SGC events)  There may be exceptions - check out posters.

Last Updated March 30 2014
Location CMA SANCTION CMRC (AMSA) Club Type Sanction
26 Enduro/Trial School, Wildrose MX Park (Blackfoot) Trial School SGC
27 SGC Trial, Wildrose MX Park (Blackfoot) Trial #1 SGC Trial Club
26-27 ISDE Riding School Fundraiser Turners
10 Enduro/Trial School, Wildrose MX Park (Blackfoot) Trial School SGC
11 SGC Trial, Wildrose MX Park (Blackfoot) Trial #2 SGC Trial Club
10-11 Riviere's Revenge HS, Pincher Creek Round #1 KMA HS CMRC
17-18 Porcupine Hills XC, Beaver Creek Round #2 LMC XC CMRC
24-25 Chris Bonneau Memorial MX & Team HS  CouleeSprings
7-8 CGRT EX, Brooks Round #3 BMC EX CMRC
14-15 Porcupine Hills HS, Beaver Creek Round #4 LMC HS CMRC
21-22 Coulee Creek HS, Strathmore Offroad#1 SGC HS CMA
28 West Coast Dirt Riders HS, Lytton, BC CXCC-W Round#1 WCDR HS WEC
29 Monkey Wrench XC, Lytton, BC CXCC-W Round#2 WCDR XC WEC
5-6 Shale Shaker XC, Old Man, Coleman  CXCC-W Round#3&4 Enduro Club WEC
12-13 Naste HS, Drayton Valley Round #5 NASTE HS CMRC
19-20 MRSI Challenge, Fallen Timber Offroad#2 SGC HS CMA
20 MRSI Challenge, Fallen Timber Trial #3 SGC Trial Club
26-27 Naste HS, Vega Round #6 NASTE HS CMRC
2-3 Moose Mountain, Fallen Timber *National* Offroad#3 SGC XC CMA
3 Moose Mountain, Fallen Timber Trial Trial #4 SGC Trial Club
2-3 Twisted Sprocket HS, Grande Prairie Round #8 Goodwin HS CMRC
16-17 Dirty Moose XC, Fallen Timber Round #9 RMDRA XC CMRC
30-31 Crowsnest Pass, AB Round #10 BMC XC CMRC
Aug 31 Crowsnest Pass Trial Trial #5 SGC Trial Club
6-7 Marble Mountain XC, RMH Offroad#4 SGC XC CMA
7 Marble Mountain Trial, RMH Trial #6 SGC Trial Club
13-14 Wild Horse, Mountainaire HS Offroad#5 SGC HS CMA
14 Wild Horse, Mountainaire Trial Trial #7 SGC Trial Club
20-21 RedBull Rocks and Logs, Calgary EX
28 Bearspaw Trial, Airdrie Trial #8 SGC Trial Club
18 AMSA Off-Road AGM & Banquet ADRA
8 Second Gear Club Windup Party/Awards Night CMA & SGC Series Awards SGC CMA
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Event Type
HS Harescrambles EI Enduro Ice (6 hour)
XC Crosscountry ICE Oval Ice
Club Do NOT require competition licence (SGC only) EX Endurocross
Trials Observed Trials

Organizing Clubs or Associations
ADRA Alberta Dirt Riders Association
AEIRA Alberta Endurance Ice Racing Association
ADRA Alberta Motorsports Association
CMA Canadian Motorcycle Association
CMRC  Canadian Motosport Racing Club
SGC  Second Gear Club