Monday, February 24, 2014

Alberta Land Use in Final stages, ACT NOW!

Please take a read and fill out as much as you can on these questionnaires for the Government of Alberta. You do not have to fill completely and all questions and concerns are needed. 

Keep our riding areas open for generations to come!


Dear friends and supporters,
We are now in the final stage of collecting feedback for the draft South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP), which lays out the path for managing growth pressures and balancing environmental needs in southern Alberta. The regional plan will create new conservation areas, establish environmental limits, protect our water supply, and provide clarity about land use and access.
We encourage you to review the draft regional plan and provide us with your input via the online workbook or discussion guide.
Your submission of one of these documents must be received electronically or by mail by February 28, 2014. The online workbook and discussion guide are available from the Land-use Framework website at You may also submit your feedback via email to
Your input and comments are essential as we work to develop the final regional plan for southern Alberta. Summaries of the feedback gathered throughout the workbook and consultation sessions will be publicly released. To read up on what we’ve heard about the SSRP thus far visit our blog at
Thank you for your continued support as we work to achieve Alberta’s long-term economic, environmental and social goals.
Land Use Secretariat
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Edmonton Alberta, T5J  3E1
Phone: 780-644-7972 / 780-644-7973  Fax: 780- 644-1034
This is our land, and it’s up to us to ensure the aspects of this province that we enjoy are there for current and future generations.