Thursday, April 24, 2014

25 Volunteers required for Sunday 8AM fundraiser.

We need your help!

Need 20-25 volunteers for Sunday, 8AM-noon - Calgary NE - see info from club member Jeff:

Hey! I have approached my work regarding fund raising and how the Second Gear Club can benefit from this. Part of our business is Diversified Staffing Services, which provides temporary help to business in need of short term employees. In the past we have worked with sports teams, churches, etc where there has been a big order for personnel coming in and the charity group has provided the people to fill the request and all monies collected goes to the charity with no government burdens having to be paid. Most best example of this would be the flood last summer where different charities donated their time and large corps paid out thousands dollars. One church group had many volunteers out for 2 weeks at the Stampede Grounds & High River and raised over $30,000 for their church!

I have been given the opportunity to provide 25 people for an inventory count at CMP (car dealership) this Sunday April 27th at 8am for 4-5 hours paying $14 an hour. That’s $1750 that could be donated to the club for 5 hours of your commitment, and you still have time to go for a ride in the afternoon!. If all goes well we could be provided with other opportunities like this thru the year… simple work, easy cash, great for the club!

I’m looking for volunteers that have steel toed footwear, 18 years of age or over and can count! If interested let me know, I’ll call or send you the details!

Thanks, looking forward to your support!!