Monday, May 26, 2014

SGC Raises the bar for Off-Road in Alberta.

SGC is proud to announce a couple things to its off-road Series.
Its main sponsor MRSI has supplied a new live scoring system for the club. What does this mean? Live, real time, lap by lap times for riders to see. When u come into the check, you will get a scan, and an instant Position in the Race, and how far you are from the guy infront of you. Basically an instant pit board saying where you stand. This should light a fire under some riders to pin it!

Additionally, SGC's members Mitch Brown and Kristi Moore ( have got a cool new Quad Copter with all the bells of whistles to capture dirt bike events across Western Canada, this thing is too cool.

Check out a video they put together for us while we were out at the CSMX ranch for the 2014 Chris Bonneau Classic. Another one should be up soon of more footage and the team bump race!


Check out these aerial photos they got as well

Start of CSMX Race across start/finish line

Racers line up for heats.

From above

The Camping area

The start of the 2014 Bump Race

Who is going to take the holeshot on this massive straight?

Monday, May 12, 2014

SGC Featured in Red Bulls - On Any Sunday -The Next Chapter!

We are so proud of our members!! SGC has made it into Red Bulls On Any Sunday - The Next Chapter!!

Stay tuned as there will be theater showings and more info coming out. Thank you for being so awesome!

We are trying to get an official screening in Calgary for everyone to come and enjoy the movie, we will let you know what we can make happen.