Thursday, August 21, 2014

RD4 - Marble Mountain XC - Rocky Mountain House

RD4 - Marble Mountain XC - Rocky Mountain House
WHEN: Sept-6/7
WHERE: Rocky Mountain House
WHO: Larsen Family & SGC/CMA

The Larsen family in RMH has put together an amazing course in some new area that our SGC riders have never been to (ok maybe a select few!)

51.9817818,-115.1834591 - End of Lease Road

Slated for Sept.6/7 (weekend after crowsnest xc)
This race will continue our off-road series and the return of the Cross Country Races!

More info at our Event Pages

Aug.30 - SAT- CMRC Crowsnest XC - Race Horse Creek 2014

CMRC Crowsnest 2014 Is almost Here! This is the Big show in Alberta for the Best XC Around! 
Dont miss the CMRC Crowsnest Cross-Country SATURADY Aug.30.2014!!

Sign in Friday 7pm-9pm Sat 8am-10am
Riders Meeting 10:15am

No CMA/CMRC license required. 
GPS - 49.848609, -114.477999

Thursday, August 14, 2014

More riding schools - Marty Halmazna, Lexi Pechout, Stephen Foord

More riding schools - Marty Halmazna, Lexi Pechout, Stephen Foord

Check out these amazing opportunities to get a leg up on your riding skills.  Keep in mind that it is extremely hard to book a school with pro level competitors because they are so busy all year with competitions and their own vigorous training schedules.  I really don't know how club member Jeff Reynolds was actually able to schedule these schools, so DON'T MISS OUT!! check out bio information on trainers through the website EVENT page.
With the Redbull Rocks and Logs endurocross event coming up Sep 20-21, it's a great opportunity to get tips on your riding techniques.

Thursday, August 28th (evening class) - Enduro training with Marty Halmazna and Lexi Pechout - $100
  • renowned Hard Enduro competitor, Marty Halmazna has so much to offer with tips on racing mindset, endurance and making goals and of course, he definitely knows a thing or two about riding a motorcycle...he is one of few Canadians to compete at Erzberg, Hell's Gate and Last Man Standing world enduros.  
  • A women's touch and proof that you can 'ride like a girl' and still beat the boys!  Seriously though, Lexi Pechout can teach you ways to improve your riding without beating up yourself physically....learn the easy way to conquer obstacles.  
  • endurocross area at the wildrose motocross association (park)
One on One hour sessions with Stephen Foord - the trials and technical offroad guru $50
  • endurocross area at the wildrose motocross association (park)
  • email to arrange dates and times 

How do I Register?
Pre-Registration is FREE at, click on EVENTS and follow registration process  E-transfers preferred prior to event.  Paying online is OPTIONAL.   We accept cash and cheque onsite.   

Need more Info?
Contact Jeff Reynolds at or 403-404-0472

Thursday, August 7, 2014

AUG9 - Redbull Rocks and Logs Volunteers Needed

Alright, track has been re-designed and the initial build will commence after August Long Weekend.  Kevin Pelletier will once again work his magic to shape the new track and then I am hoping to get some top notch volunteers (like last year!) to help with miscellaneous work on August 9th.  We have the tree section to extend, relocate/build new matrix, relocating the fire wood pit, creating a new X-factor log section, placing/fastening additional logs, creating a joker lane, etc.

Red Bull will be supplying lunch and drinks (Red Bull of course to keep your energy up) and plan to start at 10AM.

I am looking for 10 volunteers to pitch in (will be additional Swag perks of course courtesy Red Bull and event sponsorsJ), so please reply to this email or phone, so I can keep track of things.  I will need those coming to bring some tools such as that shown below, so also include details on what you have just in case I need to rent some:

-          Drills (I could really use 2 industrial drills with minimum 1” auger bit)
-          Sledge Hammers
-          Pick Ax
-          Shovels
-          Chainsaws
-          Axe
-          Generator and Power Cords
-          Anyone with minimum 3/8” rebar or sucker rod (at least 3’ lengths) for donation or sale, please anti up.
-          Hammers
-          Welders to fab some log braces would be sweet
-          Even another skid steer to move stuff around and misc. work.

PS – Event Date is Sept. 20/21 and should be going live for registration very soon!

Regards, Shane Cuthbertson
Phone: (403) 880-4108

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SGC Rider Development Clinic - Learn from the Pros

Second Gear Club’s Rider Development Clinic will teach basic safety and motorcycle techniques. Students will experience hands-on training, verbal coaching and riding demonstrations on how to operate a dirt bike then perform exercises in a controlled environment. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that maximum attention is given to each rider on and off the course.

The student ages range from 6 to 14 years old.  Let your kids learn from the pros, we’ll have lots of CMRC and CMA racers on site providing their expert instruction.  Kids all ages must have parent/guardian stay onsite all day.
Register now, space is limited!