Thursday, August 7, 2014

AUG9 - Redbull Rocks and Logs Volunteers Needed

Alright, track has been re-designed and the initial build will commence after August Long Weekend.  Kevin Pelletier will once again work his magic to shape the new track and then I am hoping to get some top notch volunteers (like last year!) to help with miscellaneous work on August 9th.  We have the tree section to extend, relocate/build new matrix, relocating the fire wood pit, creating a new X-factor log section, placing/fastening additional logs, creating a joker lane, etc.

Red Bull will be supplying lunch and drinks (Red Bull of course to keep your energy up) and plan to start at 10AM.

I am looking for 10 volunteers to pitch in (will be additional Swag perks of course courtesy Red Bull and event sponsorsJ), so please reply to this email or phone, so I can keep track of things.  I will need those coming to bring some tools such as that shown below, so also include details on what you have just in case I need to rent some:

-          Drills (I could really use 2 industrial drills with minimum 1” auger bit)
-          Sledge Hammers
-          Pick Ax
-          Shovels
-          Chainsaws
-          Axe
-          Generator and Power Cords
-          Anyone with minimum 3/8” rebar or sucker rod (at least 3’ lengths) for donation or sale, please anti up.
-          Hammers
-          Welders to fab some log braces would be sweet
-          Even another skid steer to move stuff around and misc. work.

PS – Event Date is Sept. 20/21 and should be going live for registration very soon!

Regards, Shane Cuthbertson
Phone: (403) 880-4108