Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 CMA awards headed to Alberta

Congratulations to all of the 2015 Annual Award winners but an extra high five to Second Gear Club members Shane Cuthbertson and Alex Baumann.

FULVIO CALLIMACI SUPPORTERS AWARD (one time award to a person or group who has
supported or promoted the CMA and motorcycling in an exceptional way)  -
Shane Cuthbertson of Airdrie, Alberta
Shane is a Pro CMA competitor, Second Gear Club youth organizer and volunteer, an unlikely
combination. Even when competing at the highest level of cross country racing, Shane and his
family have always found time to support their local club and its events.
He is an example of expertise that the younger Pro's aspire to emulate and an exceptional
teacher and mentor for the young people in the youth programme.

(donated by the Matthews family and awarded to the current rider who demonstrates the qualities of good sportsmanship)
Alex Baumann of Thorsby, Alberta
Alex hails from Switzerland where he was a sidecar motocrosser but here in Canada, he has
competed in Hare Scrambles, Cross Country and Ice Racing.
He loves everything to do with motorcycling and competition but has more than once sacrificed a
position to help a fellow rider on the course.
Whenever organizers are waiting for the last riders to come in, they always look to see if Alex has
checked in yet. If not, they know he is out helping some novice rider back to the pits. He is always
the first one to volunteer, never misses an event, shows up with a smile and leaves with one. A
credit to his club and to motorcycling.


Congratulations to you both for the Second Gear Club!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Club Discount Night December 3 2015

Club Discount Night December 3 2015

Blackfoot Direct

www.blackfootdirect.com/    1-403-214-2850

Cycle Works Calgary

http://www.cycleworks.com/    1-403-230-1920

It's that time of year and if you are looking for great deals, please make your way down to Cycleworks Calgary (6-9:00pm) and Blackfoot Direct (5-8:00pm) for some winter blowout deals.  Discounts on orders as well.
Join us all for a visit and the opportunity to buy $20 raffle ticket for the Husky 125.
Seriously, don't miss out on these deals!!!  Stop by for a visit!


P.S.  I have 4 Christmas Kinder surprises for the first kids to arrive at each shop (ages 10 & under).

DEC 11- SGC Annual General Meeting - 2016 Organization Discussions

Second Gear Club Annual General Meeting, SGC/CMA Races in Alberta.

Offroad Racing, Ice Racing, Trials, Motorcycle Show, Other Events

WHERE: Austrian Canadian Cultural Centre,
 3112 11 St NE, Calgary - https://goo.gl/maps/hQ42qks2xev
WHEN - DEC 11 - 7PM

All CMA/ SGC Racers please attend to discuss Club activities, race dates & organization details. Sponsors are welcome and encouraged to attend!


email questions to info@secondgearclub.com

For questions at the AGM please write them on an INDIVIDUAL piece of paper, no name is needed.

Discussion panels and questions will be categorized and discussed.

If you are unable to attend please email info@secondgearclub.com with questions you may have or items you wish to have discussed at the meeting.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thorn Valley Ranch Turkey Dash Oct 10-11 2015

Book your calendar a for-fun Turkey Dash hare scramble Oct 10-11, 2015 at the beautiful Thorn Valley Ranch natural MX/HS track near Carbon, AB.

Private land owners are opening up the track for the Second Gear Club to enjoy some fun racing for all classes.



  • 1 hour shot gun start races for all classes (trophies to 3rd)
  • hill climb competition
  • 6:00pm Thanksgiving potluck dinner with deep fried turkey Saturday only (turkey and potatoes, gravy, stuffing and buns provided).  General rules for potluck is to bring a favorite dish that would feed your family (4-6 people).  Not big on cooking?  then bring an appetizer or dessert. Also, we would welcome a few extra slow cookers and extension cords.  Also, bring your own drinks.
  • 9:00pm Fireworks thanks to SG Locating! 

Sunday Family Fun Day
  • Kids races
  • Family races
  • Team bump races

Camping $10 for the weekend

Saturday Events Additional Information
  • No race license required
  • SGC membership required (new memberships include 2016 season)
  • Registration 8-10:30AM
  • Riders Meeting 10:30AM
  • 1 hour races
  • $25 rider fee
  • 11:00AM (A loop) - Pro, Expert, Vet Exp, Int, SuperVet
  • 12:00PM (B loop) - Veteran, Novice, Legend, Women
  • 1:00PM (B loop) - Sportsman, Super Sportsman, Youth Master
  • 2:00PM (C loop) - Club Ladies
  • 3:00PM Hill climb
  • 3:00PM Free riding A,B,&C tracks
  • PeeWee tracks open all day
Sunday Events Additional Information
  • No race license required
  • SGC membership required (new memberships include 2016 season)
  • Registration 8-10:00AM
  • Riders Meeting 10:00AM
  • $15 rider fee, sign up for as many events you want to ride
  • PeeWee tracks:  PeeWee, PeeWee Advanced
  • B & C loops:  PeeWee Expert, Youth Nov/Int/Exp
  • C loop: Family Race (4), Team (1 A rider + 1 B rider) bump races
  • Free riding all tracks after races
Registration onsite both days.  Call or txt for more information 403-616-1292.

Directions:  Directions Thorn Valley Ranch


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More CMA house keeping!

Scott Hewgill is our current Alberta director and I believe he is open to nomination for 2016.



The directors shall reflect, as much as possible, representation from each of the following geographic zones:
(i)Zone 1:British Columbia
(ii)Zone 2:Alberta
(iii)Zone 3:Saskatchewan and Manitoba
(iv)Zone 4:Ontario
(v)Zone 5:Quebec
(vi)Zone 6:Atlantic Provinces
      and shall be elected by members residing in the Zone of the nominee.

The deadline for submission of a nomination is October 8, 2015. 

Completed Nomination Forms must be addressed to the Nominations Committee and sent to the CMA office by email, fax or regular mail. 

The criteria and nomination forms are available here:     Criteria    Nomination 


Now for the fun stuff.  This is your chance as a CMA member to vote for some very special Canadian awards.

Just for your information as some awards can only be awarded once, here's some of the Alberta crew that have been on the receiving end:
Award of Merit (Dave Hewgill and Siggi Pechout)
Fulvio Callimaci (SGC, Mitchell Brown and Rhonda Pechout and the Calgary Motorcyle Club).

Please take the time to send in a nomination, as you can see, these awards seldom end up in Alberta mostly due to lack of nomination!  I can think of some stellar candidates.

Nominations are open for the 2015 CMA Awards! Please send in nominations by November 13th, using these forms: 
                        English    French

(a) The Executive Committee of the CMA shall determine the recipients on an annual basis, from
nominations made by CMA members.
(b) Nominations must include supporting reasons in sufficient detail. The Committee will not
research data to support a nomination received with insufficient information.
(c) Nominations not accepted may be resubmitted in future years.
(d) An official presentation of the Award will be made at the Annual Meeting or other suitably
appropriate gathering.
1. AWARD OF MERIT: The CMA premier award given in recognition of exceptional effort or
achievement on behalf of the CMA. Any current or former member is eligible, except those
who retired from office during 2014. This is a one time award.
2. FULVIO CALLIMACI MEMORIAL SUPPORTERS AWARD: given to the individual or group
who has supported motorcycling and the CMA in an exceptional manner during the past year.
This award can be given for a one time effort.
3. AMBASSADORS AWARD: any person, competitor or worker, who gains exceptional
recognition for the CMA in international motorcycle activity.
4. MEDIA AWARD: employees of the media (with the exception of the motorcycle press) are
eligible - given for exceptional coverage of a favourable nature.
5. BILLY MATTHEWS MEMORIAL AWARD: awarded to the rider who is judged to be most
sportsmanlike; open to all disciplines.
6. GOVERNMENT AWARD: awarded for actions taken or policies, laws, statutes and the like
implemented that have benefited motorcyclists and the use of motorcycles.
Eligibility: any government or government agency, committee, board or the like; any
individual or group of individuals who is a member, employee or official of the foregoing. Also
any individual, group or association who has influenced government actions in this regard.
7. ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD: awarded for the successful promotion of motorcycle use
through recognition of the environmental advantages of motorcycles as an effective means of
powered transport or for successful use of the environmental advantages of motorcycles or for
implementing measures to further reduce the environmental impact of motorcycles.
Eligibility: any individual, group, association, corporation, government agency, committee,
board or the like.

2016 CMA class changes

Normally we have until end of October to submit proposals for new classes and such, but we'll have to make this decision by tomorrow!
Ice Oval - I'd like to propose we at ATV Intermediate class

Hare Scrambles/Cross Country
I would like to propose adding Vet 30 plus classes.  One for Intermediate level and up and one for novice. 
I would also like to propose an advanced women's CMA class.  There is a company that is offering $300 payback for the women's class in an effort to build on our women riders.  However, not all of our girls want to race against the girls that currently race with the men in Intermediate and Expert classes.  So in an effort not to discourage but rather encourage our ladies to move up to the CMA event, I think it would be great to have 2 classes.
CMA classesCMRC Equivalent
 VET 30Plus 30 B
 VET 30 ExpPlus 30 A
Vet (39+)Plus 40 B
Vet Expert (39+)Plus 40 A
Super Vet (49+)Plus 50
Legend (59+)
Women ProLadies A
 WomenLadies Intermediate
SGC Club
Super Sportsman
Ladies Advanced
LadiesLadies B
Please send me your feedback ASAP!

In regards to the club classes, we can review this at the time of our AGM (annual general meeting later in October).



August 21, 2015
CMA members are invited to submit proposals to add, modify or delete rules which will be in effect for the 2016 season. 

Proposals must contain your name, CMA membership number, reference number of current rule if any, and the reason for your proposal. 

They will be accepted by regular mail, fax, or email to results.cma@bellnet.ca

Rules concerning the addition or deletion of classes, or modification to minimum or maximum ages must reach our office no later than OCTOBER 1ST. 

Proposals concerning all other rules will be accepted until NOVEMBER 15TH.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Marble Mountain HS/XC Aug 29-30, 2015
Random Camping Available.


51.9817818,-115.1834591 - End of Lease Road

  • Follow Highway 54 (which becomes Forestry Trunk Road 591) west of Caroline 39km to Trunk Road 40.
  • Turn Left (South) on Trunk Road 40 and travel 6 kms to Lease Road.
  • Turn Left (East) on Lease Road (it is the first left turn) and travel 6 kms to location.
Watch for HS Race Signs!
  • FREE random camping - beautiful cozy location, please be mindful of your space to ensure access to by other campers
Saturday Events:
  • Registration all classes 8-10:30 AM
  • Riders Meeting 10:30 AM
  • CMA Sanctioned race 11:00 AM - $45 entry (includes FREE t-shirt)
  • CMA Annual Competition license – print and fill out 2015 CMA license.pdf
  • Club race 2:00PM (1 hour race) - $30 entry
  • BBQ & prizes 4:30 pm
Classes and race order:
  • A loop (65km) (11:00AM): Pro, Expert, Vet Expert, Intermediate, SuperVet
    • 2 1/2 hr cut-off 
    • racing B & A loop plus additional B loop if thru before cut-off
    • remote gas check approx 40km in on A loop.  Bring gas can.
  • B loop (16km) (11:00AM): Veteran, Novice, Legend, Women (CMA)
    • 2 1/2 hr race of B loop - short XC (hare scramble) style
  • B loop (16km) (2:00PM): Sportsman, Super Sportsman, Youth Master
    • one hour race
  • C loop (2:00PM): Club Ladies and Club Ladies Advanced
    • one hour race
Sunday Events:
  • Registration all classes 8-10:00 AM - $25 entry
Classes and race order:
  • PeeWee and PeeWee Advanced loop
  • PeeWee expert loop
  • C loop:  Youth Novice, Intermediate, Expert
  • BBQ & prizes 3:00 pm
Pre-Registration is FREE, please let us know you are planning to attend.  E-transfer preferred (send to info@secondgearclub.com) Paying online is OPTIONAL.  Registration and payment also available race day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015




51.6569590, -115.3682270

Welcome to the Country Hills Hyundai Wildhorse Hare Scramble and CMP GM Pro Payback

These two new sponsors are excited to support the Second Gear Club and offer Pro payback at Wildhore and Marble Mountain events.  Thank you!

·         FREE random camping
Saturday Events:
·         Registration all classes 8-10:30 AM
·         Riders Meeting 10:30AM
·         CMA Sanctioned race 11:00AM (2 hour race) - $45 entry
o   CMA Annual Competition license required

·         Club race 2:00PM (1 hour race) - $30 entry
·         BBQ 4:30 pm
Classes and race order:
·         A loop (11:00AM): Pro, Expert, Vet Expert, Intermediate, SuperVet
·         B loop (11:00AM): Veteran, Novice, Legend, Women (CMA)
·         B loop (2:00PM): Sportsman, Super Sportsman, Youth Master
·         C loop (2:00PM): Club Ladies and Club Ladies Advanced
Sunday Events:
·         Registration all classes 8-10:00 AM - $25 entry
Classes and race order:
·         PeeWee loop (south side of road): PeeWee, PeeWee Advanced
·         PeeWee Expert loop
·         C loop:  Youth Novice, Intermediate, Expert
·         BBQ 3:00 pm
Pre-Registration is FREE, please let us know you are planning to attend.  E-transfer preferred (send to info@secondgearclub.com) Paying online is OPTIONAL.  Registration and payment also available race day.

FREE Random camping available



51.6569590, -115.3682270

6km west on YaHa Tinda Road.

Q-267No practicing on the course within one week prior to the race.

Print this sheet and pre-fill it to ensure entry into the system for scoring.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2015 Moose Mountain XC, Trial and Night Race


Fallen Timber Recreational Area
Red Rock Sawmills Campground

Be certain to bring your dancing shoes!  Saturday and Sunday night disco for kids and big kids.  DJ, fog, strobe lights...the works thanks to Blackfoot Direct!  Cheer on your favorite teams for the night race while you're dancing!

Pre-Registration is FREE, please let us know you are planning to attend. 
Payment Options: 
  • Online e-transfer (preferred) info@secondgearclub.com
  • Paying at registration on day of event (cash or cheque)
  • Paypal online 
Online registration will be closed Friday AM, July 31st.  
Sign-in & registration onsite starts at 8:00-10:30AM - Bring helmet to registration
  • A GROUP  Pro, Expert,Vet Expert, Intermediate - Loop A & B - total approximately 100Km   
  • B GROUP  SuperVet, Veteran, Legends, Novice, Women Loop B approximately 50km
  • C GROUP  Sportsman, Supersportsman, Youth Master, Club Ladies and Ladies Advanced  ONE HOUR HareScramble RACE
CMA RULE BOOK - http://canmocycle.ca/content_rulebooks.htm
Q-267No practicing on the course within one week prior to the race.


10:30- Riders Meeting (GROUPS A & B)11:00 STAGING ON WEST SIDE11:15 MAIN RACE START (Groups A and B)
2:30PM - GROUP C Staging

  • WATCH FOR COWS - chasing will not be tolerated
Groups A & B
CMA Competition License RequiredEntry $45, Pro payout to 5th
Have your CMA license with you. Arrive early if you need to apply for 2015 CMA Annual Competition License ($75)print and fill out: 2015 CMA license.pdf
Group C
SGC membership $30 annuallyEntry $30  
Sunday (Closed-to-Club Series)(competition license NOT required):REGISTRATION: 8AM-9:30 AM  onsite.
If you have pre-registered, you will need to sign-in (proof that you are physically at the race) and pay.  Kids MUST sign participant waiver, parents will need to sign Parental Waiver. Print, fill out and bring with you to event. 
Trophies to ALL kids.
Entry Fee (Closed-to-Club):  Kids $25
Annual SGC membership required.  $30/family. (RMC memberships honoured)
Calendar will be posted with times for each class.

10-11am SIGN IN

7:30-930am SIGN IN
SUNDAY CLASSES - Hare Scramble
Pee Wee (Pee Wee Course) - 1/2 hour West side Meadow
Pee Wee Advance (Pee Wee Course) - 1/2 hour West side Meadow
Pee Wee Expert (special course) - 3/4 hour
Youth Novice, Youth Intermediate - 1 hour
Youth Expert - 1 1/2 hour

BBQ, Prizes & Awards: 3:00PM

Upcoming races:

  • August 8-9 at Yaha Tinda (west of Sundre)
  • August 29-30 at Marble Mountain, (west of Caroline)
Directions from Cochrane (hwy 1A):  West of Cochrane on hwy 1A, turn north on Hwy 40 (Forestry Trunk Road).  Follow Hwy 40 for 50km (half hard top/half gravel) until you reach Fallen Timber Campground.  As a landmark, once you pass the Water Valley turnoff, another 5km and you will reach campsite.
Directions from Cremona (hwy 22):  turn west on hwy 579 to Water Valley, continue through town on hwy 579 (will turn into a gravel road) until you reach the t-intersection of hwy 40 (Forestry Trunk Road).  Turn north 5km to Fallen Timber Campground.  Note that last 10km of hwy 579 is narrow and windy, so make sure you take your time through this section.Directions from Hwy 2 Olds:  From QEII hwy 2, turn west to Old (hwy 27), stay on hwy and continue past Sundre.  Highway will turn into hwy 584.  Turn left onto Coal Camp Road (watch for brown sign for Mountainaire Lodge).  Follow road (half hardtop/half gravel) to hwy 40 (Forestry Trunk Road), turn left onto hwy 40 and you will cross over a blue bridge that will take you past Mountainair Lodge (gas station).  Follow south on hwy 40 until you reach Fallen Timber Campground (approx. 30km).  Total drive from Olds approx. 1 hour. GOOGLE MAP DIRECTIONS 

Monday, July 13, 2015

MRSI Challenge Harescramble Aug18-19-2015

MRSI challenge race. fallen Timber

GOOGLE MAP - https://goo.gl/maps/fty3i
NO PARADE LAPS OR PRE RIDINGWATCH FOR COWS!  Cattle have just been moved into the area, they are on the road and meadows...be very cautious...they don't move, they are NOT scared of motorcycles.  
All riders Must have their helmet on while riding their bike at all times.
  • A GROUP  Pro, Expert,Vet Expert, Intermediate, 2 HOUR RACE
  • B GROUP  SuperVet, Veteran, Legends, Novice, Women 2 HOUR RACE
  • C GROUP  Sportsman, Supersportsman, Youth Master, Club Ladies and Ladies Advanced  ONE HOUR RACE

The Red rock sawmills Fallen Timber south LOWER CAMPSITE is reserved for SGC racers this weekend. you still have to pay the campsite fees, spots are available to all racers. Just show up and park your trailer then pay normally. first come. first serve. No reservations.
Sign in is 8am Saturday to 10am for all Saturday classes.
riders meeting 1030am for A and B groups.
Staging is 30min AFTER riders meeting finishes. LISTEN FOR AIR HORN'S.

C groups meeting (sportsman, ladies) will be 1hr after main race cutoff around 2pm on the line!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Women's and Kids Offroad Riding School Saturday, Sep 19th, Fallen Timber

Sign up for Full day Women's and Youth Offroad Riding Development Clinic Saturday, September 19, 2015.  Fallen Timber Campground (west of Water Valley)

Call today 403-975-9851 or 403-616-1292 for more information.

Full Day course with multiple technical stations/sections in small group for training.

$100 Women's course
$40 Kids course

Prizes and giveaways.  Also lunch and dinner provided.

Directions to Fallen Timber

To register for women's school: 

To register for kid's school:

Moose Mountain Trial, Fallen Timber Sunday, Aug 2, 2015

SGC Trials will be on August 2nd at Fallen Timber Campground

Sign in is 10AM in the Day Use area at the bottom of the campground.

See you out there!

No competition license required.  Recognize SGC and ATRA membership.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


RACE SITE IS UNDER 1 FOOT OF WATERRound1 postponed. wildhorse rescheduled to Aug 8/9

Race organizers have just got back from the race site and it is still heavy downpour with the race site under 1-2 feet of water. 

we would love to hold the race in the rain however there is simply no where for anyone to park as the race site is completley a lake at the moment with even more rain forecasted.

Jun 20-21 Aug 8-9 Wildhorse,Sundre
Jul 18-19 MRSI Challenge, Hunter Valley
Aug 1-2 Moose Mountain, Hunter Valley
Aug 8-9 McLean Creek (TBC)
Aug 29-30 Marble Mountain, 
Rocky Mountain House
Sep 19-20 location TBC

SEPT 12-13 -
Redbull Rocks & Logs - Calgary

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Apr 26 2015 Wildrose Trial

Great day trialing at Round 1 of the SGC trials series - April 26th 2015

Big thanks to Foordy and Ray for setting up and running the event.  The super weather and busy facility also welcomed quite a few spectators too.



  1. Tino Marien - 7pts - Sherco Blackfoot Direct
  1. Shane Cuthbertson - 55pts - GASGAS
  2. Doug Doel - 73pts - Sherco
  3. Kevin Smith - 87pts - GASGAS
  4. Darin Bullivant - 104pts - GASGAS

  1. Mark O'Niell - 25pts - BETA
  2. Lexi Pechout - 33pts - Sherco Blackfoot Direct
  3. Guy Tomlinson - 63pts - GASGAS
  4. Rodek Warelis - 68pts - GASGAS
  1. Ken Knight - 52pts - Sherco
  1. Steve Mills - 15pts - GASGAS
  2. Chase Cuthbertson - 33pts - GASGAS
  3. Craig Murphy - 37pts - Sherco

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sherco X Ride Draw Saturday March 14 - blackfoot direct

We are happy to announce we will be drawing for the 3 Winners of the Sherco Free Ride, Pro Action Suspension Gift Certificate and Blackfoot Direct Certificate this SATURDAY March 14 at the 2014 Oval Ice Race Banquet in Innisfail!
You do not have to be in attendance to win the prizes.

We will try and do a live webcast/Broadcast to let everyone know who won! If we announce your name you might expect a call, email or text letting you know you have won!
FACEBOOK - facebook.com/SecondGearClub
Questions email info@secondgearclub.com

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Let's Go Ice Racing - Season Starts Feb 14-15 2015

Let's Go Ice Racing - Season Starts Feb 14-15 2015  REGISTRATION OPEN

So excited to add a new location to the 2015 ice season!  Revised schedule as follows:

Feb 14-15  Gull Lake (Sprint & Oval)
Feb 21-22  Mulhurst - Pigeon Lake (Sprint & Oval) - DIRECTIONS
Mar 1         Lac La Biche (Oval only)

PLEASE REGISTER http://secondgearclub.com/events

Here's the scoop everyone:

  • we picked the locations that already HAVE sufficient ice for racing, so that means, no more cancellations or changes, so book your calendar and get ready and know that your competition license will be worth the while.
  • Gull Lake location - same as in the past (Parkland Beach entrance)
  • Pigeon Lake access is through the town of Mulhurst - more details to follow
  • Sorry we are cancelling this weekend, but it took until today just to figure out who the authorizing bodies are to approve new location, so you have over a week to get ready and another weekend to practice!
  • In the process, we have snagged another new lake (Bearhills, near Wetaskiwin), so next year we can try out this handy location just off of highway 2.  Going a bit farther north ensures thicker ice and an opportunity to start the season earlier in 2016.  Let's get excited about that.
  • Why no race at Cow Lake?  Too much snow and only 10" of ice...so not going to happen this winter.

  • Sylvan Lake is always in our back pocket.  We have authorization to race there this year but feel we have booked this race a bit late, so feel it best to pull off 3 strong races for 2015 and then hit the season early in 2016 and grow the series.
  • Year End Banquet - Laurie Ann will organize and advise a date.  Instead of trophies each race, we felt it better to put the money towards year end trophies.  Kids, of course, will still receive their trophies immediately after the race.  
  • Chuck Downie is organizing Sprint Race on Saturdays.  This is a CLUB event, no CMA competition license required, No guards required.  Track to be a minimum of 1.5kms.  Mini Road Racers....we need you!
  • Oval is a fully sanctioned PROVINCIAL POINTS event except for the kids classes that remain CLUB.  
  • Registration will be up on the site in the next few days.  PLEASE pay by e-transfer or on race day.
  • YOUR job is to spread the word and bring spectators and new riders out - let's have some winter fun.
Please welcome our newest ice racing sponsor, CEI Control Services Ltd. out of Eckville, check out their website http://www.ceicontrolservices.com/

Big thank you to Baumann Hoe & Bobcat that have committed to grading and building our tracks this year!

Woohoo!  Let's go racing everyone!