Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Now for the fun stuff.  This is your chance as a CMA member to vote for some very special Canadian awards.

Just for your information as some awards can only be awarded once, here's some of the Alberta crew that have been on the receiving end:
Award of Merit (Dave Hewgill and Siggi Pechout)
Fulvio Callimaci (SGC, Mitchell Brown and Rhonda Pechout and the Calgary Motorcyle Club).

Please take the time to send in a nomination, as you can see, these awards seldom end up in Alberta mostly due to lack of nomination!  I can think of some stellar candidates.

Nominations are open for the 2015 CMA Awards! Please send in nominations by November 13th, using these forms: 
                        English    French

(a) The Executive Committee of the CMA shall determine the recipients on an annual basis, from
nominations made by CMA members.
(b) Nominations must include supporting reasons in sufficient detail. The Committee will not
research data to support a nomination received with insufficient information.
(c) Nominations not accepted may be resubmitted in future years.
(d) An official presentation of the Award will be made at the Annual Meeting or other suitably
appropriate gathering.
1. AWARD OF MERIT: The CMA premier award given in recognition of exceptional effort or
achievement on behalf of the CMA. Any current or former member is eligible, except those
who retired from office during 2014. This is a one time award.
2. FULVIO CALLIMACI MEMORIAL SUPPORTERS AWARD: given to the individual or group
who has supported motorcycling and the CMA in an exceptional manner during the past year.
This award can be given for a one time effort.
3. AMBASSADORS AWARD: any person, competitor or worker, who gains exceptional
recognition for the CMA in international motorcycle activity.
4. MEDIA AWARD: employees of the media (with the exception of the motorcycle press) are
eligible - given for exceptional coverage of a favourable nature.
5. BILLY MATTHEWS MEMORIAL AWARD: awarded to the rider who is judged to be most
sportsmanlike; open to all disciplines.
6. GOVERNMENT AWARD: awarded for actions taken or policies, laws, statutes and the like
implemented that have benefited motorcyclists and the use of motorcycles.
Eligibility: any government or government agency, committee, board or the like; any
individual or group of individuals who is a member, employee or official of the foregoing. Also
any individual, group or association who has influenced government actions in this regard.
7. ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD: awarded for the successful promotion of motorcycle use
through recognition of the environmental advantages of motorcycles as an effective means of
powered transport or for successful use of the environmental advantages of motorcycles or for
implementing measures to further reduce the environmental impact of motorcycles.
Eligibility: any individual, group, association, corporation, government agency, committee,
board or the like.