Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2016 CMA class changes

Normally we have until end of October to submit proposals for new classes and such, but we'll have to make this decision by tomorrow!
Ice Oval - I'd like to propose we at ATV Intermediate class

Hare Scrambles/Cross Country
I would like to propose adding Vet 30 plus classes.  One for Intermediate level and up and one for novice. 
I would also like to propose an advanced women's CMA class.  There is a company that is offering $300 payback for the women's class in an effort to build on our women riders.  However, not all of our girls want to race against the girls that currently race with the men in Intermediate and Expert classes.  So in an effort not to discourage but rather encourage our ladies to move up to the CMA event, I think it would be great to have 2 classes.
CMA classesCMRC Equivalent
 VET 30Plus 30 B
 VET 30 ExpPlus 30 A
Vet (39+)Plus 40 B
Vet Expert (39+)Plus 40 A
Super Vet (49+)Plus 50
Legend (59+)
Women ProLadies A
 WomenLadies Intermediate
SGC Club
Super Sportsman
Ladies Advanced
LadiesLadies B
Please send me your feedback ASAP!

In regards to the club classes, we can review this at the time of our AGM (annual general meeting later in October).



August 21, 2015
CMA members are invited to submit proposals to add, modify or delete rules which will be in effect for the 2016 season. 

Proposals must contain your name, CMA membership number, reference number of current rule if any, and the reason for your proposal. 

They will be accepted by regular mail, fax, or email to results.cma@bellnet.ca

Rules concerning the addition or deletion of classes, or modification to minimum or maximum ages must reach our office no later than OCTOBER 1ST. 

Proposals concerning all other rules will be accepted until NOVEMBER 15TH.