Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 CMA awards headed to Alberta

Congratulations to all of the 2015 Annual Award winners but an extra high five to Second Gear Club members Shane Cuthbertson and Alex Baumann.

FULVIO CALLIMACI SUPPORTERS AWARD (one time award to a person or group who has
supported or promoted the CMA and motorcycling in an exceptional way)  -
Shane Cuthbertson of Airdrie, Alberta
Shane is a Pro CMA competitor, Second Gear Club youth organizer and volunteer, an unlikely
combination. Even when competing at the highest level of cross country racing, Shane and his
family have always found time to support their local club and its events.
He is an example of expertise that the younger Pro's aspire to emulate and an exceptional
teacher and mentor for the young people in the youth programme.

(donated by the Matthews family and awarded to the current rider who demonstrates the qualities of good sportsmanship)
Alex Baumann of Thorsby, Alberta
Alex hails from Switzerland where he was a sidecar motocrosser but here in Canada, he has
competed in Hare Scrambles, Cross Country and Ice Racing.
He loves everything to do with motorcycling and competition but has more than once sacrificed a
position to help a fellow rider on the course.
Whenever organizers are waiting for the last riders to come in, they always look to see if Alex has
checked in yet. If not, they know he is out helping some novice rider back to the pits. He is always
the first one to volunteer, never misses an event, shows up with a smile and leaves with one. A
credit to his club and to motorcycling.


Congratulations to you both for the Second Gear Club!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Club Discount Night December 3 2015

Club Discount Night December 3 2015

Blackfoot Direct

www.blackfootdirect.com/    1-403-214-2850

Cycle Works Calgary

http://www.cycleworks.com/    1-403-230-1920

It's that time of year and if you are looking for great deals, please make your way down to Cycleworks Calgary (6-9:00pm) and Blackfoot Direct (5-8:00pm) for some winter blowout deals.  Discounts on orders as well.
Join us all for a visit and the opportunity to buy $20 raffle ticket for the Husky 125.
Seriously, don't miss out on these deals!!!  Stop by for a visit!


P.S.  I have 4 Christmas Kinder surprises for the first kids to arrive at each shop (ages 10 & under).

DEC 11- SGC Annual General Meeting - 2016 Organization Discussions

Second Gear Club Annual General Meeting, SGC/CMA Races in Alberta.

Offroad Racing, Ice Racing, Trials, Motorcycle Show, Other Events

WHERE: Austrian Canadian Cultural Centre,
 3112 11 St NE, Calgary - https://goo.gl/maps/hQ42qks2xev
WHEN - DEC 11 - 7PM

All CMA/ SGC Racers please attend to discuss Club activities, race dates & organization details. Sponsors are welcome and encouraged to attend!


email questions to info@secondgearclub.com

For questions at the AGM please write them on an INDIVIDUAL piece of paper, no name is needed.

Discussion panels and questions will be categorized and discussed.

If you are unable to attend please email info@secondgearclub.com with questions you may have or items you wish to have discussed at the meeting.