Tuesday, May 24, 2016

RD#1 - Panorama Hare Scramble, BC May 28-29, 2016

RD#1 - Panorama Hare Scramble, BC May 28-29, 2016

Hosted by Windermere Valley Dirt Riders and Sponsored by Panorama Mountain Resort Inc

Putting a twist Hare Scrambles!  How cool will this event be as we actually race on the Panorama Resort ski hill!  

Get ready for this adrenaline pumping dirt bike race in the mountains hosted by the Windermere Valley Dirt Riders and Panorama Mountain Resort Inc.
The hare scramble is an adrenaline packed type of off-road motorcycle racing through rugged natural terrain and it's coming to Panorama!  Event is part of the CMA and SGC offroad series.  Same format as our other races.  Just very cool to be on the ski hill!
Sponsored by A&E Racing. Limited camping onsite.  Please Contact Panorama reservation team and mention the Hare Scramble to receive a special deal on lodging (condos available). Call 1.800.663.2929 to book.  Must call as online booking not possible.

Regarding Food and Beverage Offerings: 
  • Picnic CafĂ© – 9am till 3pm
  • T-Bar & Grill – 4pm till 11pm with food till 10pm
  • Great Hall – 7am till late.  Breakfast Buffet to start at 7:30am ($13.00) and it will run till 11:00. 
  • BBQ and Bar on Great Hall Patio will start at 12:00 till late weather permitting. 

Other amenities:

  • Gondola (People Mover) – Free – 9am – 5pm
  • Mile 1 Express (chairlift to view race course) - $15 per person, unlimited rides
  • Hot Pools – Available to all lodging guests
  •  General Store – 9am – 7pm
Saturday Events (tentative schedule):
  • Registration all classes 8-9:45 AM (registration also open Friday night form 6-8pm)
  • CMA Sanctioned classes:  $45 entry + CMA Annual Competition license – print and fill out CMA 2016 Competition Membership.pdf
  • Riders Meeting 9:45AM
  • CMA Sanctioned race - GROUP A -  10:00AM (2 hour race)
  • CMA Sanctioned race - GROUP B - 12:30 PM (2 hour race)
  • Club race GROUP C - 3:00PM (1 hour race) - $30 entry
  • Awards 5:00PM Great Hall deck
Classes and race order:

  • Group A - racing on A + B loop (10:00AM): Pro, Expert, Intermediate, Vet 30A Expert, Vet Expert (39+),  SuperVet (49+), Women Expert
  • Group B - racing B loop only (12:30PM): Vet 30B Novice, Veteran (39+), Legend (59+), Novice, Women (CMA)
  • Group C - B loop (2:30PM): Club: Sportsman, Super Sportsman, Youth Master
  • Group C - C loop (2:30PM): Club: Ladies and Ladies Advanced
Sunday Events (tentative schedule):

  • Registration for all classes 8-9:45 AM - $25 entry.  Must be either a Second Gear Club, Windermere Valley Dirt Riders or RMH club member.  Memberships available on race day.CMA Minor and Parents Waiver
Classes (C & D loops only):

  • PeeWee, PeeWee Advanced
  • PeeWee expert
  • Youth Novice, Intermediate, Expert
  • Awards 3:00PM Great Hall deck
Limited camping onsite.  Please Contact Panorama reservation team and mention the Hare Scramble to receive a special deal on lodging. Call 1.800.663.2929 to book.
Event Pre-Registration is FREE, please let us know you are planning to attend.  E-transfer preferred (send to info@secondgearclub.com) Paying online is OPTIONAL.  Registration and payment also available race day.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Win-a-2015-Husqvarna-Te-125-SGC-To be raffled May 28 2016

May 14 28 2016 Winner will be announced at the Rock Hard Wildhorse Panorama HS race. Tickets will be on sale during the day prior to draw.  This time you have a chance to win a 2015, Husqvarna TE 125 2 Stroke Motocross Bike from BlackfootDirect.com

Tickets also for sale for $20 from secondgearclub.com or at Blackfoot Direct in Calgary Alberta. You can also ETRANSFER money to info@secondgearclub.com and we will enter your name that way.

Questions email info@secondgearclub.com.